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apply the rules, both esthetc and functonal, to energy, which maximize the use of water and The spaces has categorically
which we are used. It was tme to rethink new which have social strategies. helped to transform the
rules and seek a new esthetc, that is to say, a way of organizaton, it
green aesthetc. The materials used in the projects have low contributes to a more dynamic
or zero VOC emissions (Volatle Organic
From the beginning, a leading idea showed Compounds), in additon to the fact that many communicaton fostering the
company’s culture, and has at
us the correct way: based on the three “Rs” of them are recycled and quickly renewable as the same tme become an icon
underlying any green architecture: Reducing, well. The sealers, paints and adhesives are water- of corporate design in Mexico.
Recycling, Reutlizing. Our organizaton fosters based and VOC free, what ensures the interior
communicaton, teamwork and it is a place that air quality. Carpets used are CRI Green Label Plus Once again, this organizaton
refects the passion and love for architectural certfed, a certfcaton granted to products that sets the guidelines in
endeavor. exceed standards of low VOC emissions, both in design and architecture,
adhesives and in carpet below and carpet. Each demonstratng their
Thanks to architectural partton and to lightng employee has natural light and outside views. commitment through example
design, lightng electric consumpton was
reduced by 30%. Also, 76% of the materials used Proud legacy and is commited to its
in the work of this project were of reutlizaton. The resultng space is an excellent example
which aligns architecture, technology and
Both the workstatons and the chairs are
‘cradle to cradle’ certfed. Such certfcaton human resource in an area that respects
the environment and seeks to improve the
is given to products that use healthy and safe performance of the organizatons. The benefts
materials, which can be easily reused, which are are innumerable. But the greatest beneft is
manufactured by companies that use renewable
ours, for our descendants, for our world.

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