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                              3  Carolina Schmidt: COP25 President and Chile Environment Minister

                              4   Signify: Time to walk the climate talk
                              8   GEF: The Global Environment Facility and climate change
                           10     Hondupalma: How Hondupalma provides collective benefit to local
                                  communities and the environment

                           12     AkzoNobel: Sustainability is business
                           16     Enaex: Reducing mining’s carbon footprint with high standards and
                                  community engagement
                           18     Statkraft Chile: committed to sustainable development

                           20     Skretting: How aquaculture feeds contribute to feeding the future
 COP25                     22     Rolim: Renewable energy certificates as corporate strategy to reduce
                                  GHGs: the Sirio-Libanês hospital case in Brazil
                                  Rolim: Climate change litigation will reinforce Brazil’s commitment to the
 Royal Palace, Madrid. Photo credit: Warrick Wynne (CC BY-ND 2.0).
                                  Paris agreement
                           24     EDC: Powered by GEO 24/7: Harnessing Earth’s heat to curb global warming
                           26     ESA: Europe will support climate action from space

                           28     Malwee: Can fashion be sustainable?
                           30     Global Salmon Institute: The Ocean opportunity
                            32      Future Climate for Africa: Protecting East African tea exports against
                                  climate change
                           34     Ports of Paraná: Aiming for balance with sustainable development along
 36  28                           Brazil’s coast

                           36     Interaseo: In the vanguard on solid waste management
                           38     Comvive: The real estate developer with sustainable DNA
 34                        39       Environmental Education Worldwide Initiative: On a mission to create

                                  agents of change
                           40     Conecta: A sustainable flight to salmon farming in Chile

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