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                                         ear friends, please
                                         receive our very
                                  Dwarm greetings.

                                   As you know, this year, 2019,
                                   is a very important year for
                                   the protection of our oceans
                                   from climate change.

                                   Our knowledge of the
                                   oceans, although still limited,
                                   has provided considerable
                                   information and evidence that turn
                                   on the alarms to push us to promote
                                   concrete actions to protect our oceans.

                                   The IPCC special report on the oceans is a very
                                   important document that will give us scientific evidence
                                   that shows the need to move fast, with urgency, to protect our oceans.

                                   Time is running out. This is why Chile has been pushing to highlight this problem. In
                                   our vision there cannot be an effective global response to climate change without a
                                   global response on the ocean issues.

                                   For Chile, presiding over COP25 represents a great opportunity to put the ocean
                                   issues in the climate agenda. So, we await you all in Madrid in December this year. In
                                   the “Blue COP,” we will make great changes.

                                   Carolina Schmidt
                                   COP25 President and Chile Environment Minister

                                   Adapted from a video addressing a special preparatory meeting in Madrid in spring 2019.

 2  Plaza Mayor - Madrid. Photo credit: Tomasz Baranowski (CC BY 2.0).                                          3
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