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municipal plans. Maringá’s plan was developed Water innovators
in associaton with the SOS Mata Atlântca The city hall also invested to eliminate an old
Foundaton and in collaboraton with the Local problem on two of the main natve forest
Environment Municipal Council, establishing reserves of the municipality: the gullies, caused
guidelines to the diagnose, classify and map the by the rainwater in the Parque do Ingá and the
city’s green areas, indicatng the priority sectons Horto Florestall, the later being a private area
for protecton, environmental recovery and of environmental interest. In these two reserves,
those designed for sustainable urbanisaton. The drainage channels were implanted by the
study also defned the protecton and recovery protecton system with rocks and steel screens.
of the municipality’s water bodies, prioritsing The technology allows the establishment of
the areas of public supply water sources. In capture channels and dissipaton of rainwater
urban areas, the Plan includes the review of with less impact on the fora’s removal and
the Forestaton Project, ensuring the protecton greater rainwater absorpton. In Parque do
of the existng trees and the regeneraton of Ingá we also deployed an identfcaton and
the public area’s woods. In additon there are riverheads recovery program, called Recovering
Biodiversity Hallways, structures linking sectons Watersources, which cleared buried riverheads
of creeks to the movement of the animals in inside the reserve. As part of its water usage
parks, natve forest reserves and valley foors. policy, since 2007, new schools and daycare
The plan also ensured watercourse protecton centres are built with capture systems and are
in urban areas, increasing from 30 to 60 meters re-using rainwater. Maringá also stands out as a
from the margins, double that required by the pioneer in developing environmental permits in
Forestry Code. The valley foors also receive Brazil. It is the frst municipality in Paraná and one
protecton with fences and the establishment of of the frst in Brazil to ofer this service, which
ecologic sidewalks for residents’ leisure, whom, was exclusively held by the State. The city hall
with such beneft, are stmulated to help with the structured itself to install the licensing, has sped
maintenance of green areas. The administraton up the process to establish new ventures and
already fenced more than 8 thousand meters and further encourages the economic development
set up 20 thousand square meters of sidewalks of the city.
on valley foors.

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