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Maringá is one of the frst Brazilian cites planned with the Europe’s garden city concept, with wide natural reserve
areas protectng urban riverheads, widely wooded roads and many squares.

Long before global concerns over the
environment started to grow, Maringá adopted Maringá is a municipality
innovatve programs that married urban
growth with quality of life provided by the in southern brazil
green coverage. The city has seven natve founded on 10 May 1947
forest reserves and ecologic parks, hundreds as a planned urban area.
of squares, more than 100 thousand trees on it is the third largest city
public roads, about 31.5 thousand linear meters in the state of Paraná
of stream banks in urban areas and more than with 385,753 inhabitants
25 square meters of green area per inhabitant. in the city, and 764,906
This framework requires preservaton programs, in its metropolitan area.
and thus, Maringá seeks to be always ahead with
innovatve projects to protect its environmental
radical delivery
In recent years we have witnessed much progress.
We can start with the Municipal Plan of Mata
Atlântca Protecton and Recovery, the frst in a
countryside municipality and the second in Brazil,
which is now used as the basis to developing
plans all over the country. More than three
thousand Brazilian cites have taken concepts
from Mata Atlântca, and will develop their own

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