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From gas to greeN:

triNidad aNd

tobago outliNes

climate goals

Fossil fuels have historically underpinned the Caribbean naton’s economy, but in the face of a warming climate and
the threat of rising seas the government is exploring ways to diversify growth.

“Your country has been a champion in for carbon dioxide emission reducton, and The reducton of carbon dioxide emissions
addressing Climate Change and we need thus for renewable energy technologies to in the industrial sector is Trinidad and
more strong leadership like yours in this be deployed throughout the Caribbean. Tobago’s frst major priority she said, as
regard,” UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon the sector contnues to commission higher
told Trinidad and Tobago prime minister In her address at the United Natons General efciency combined cycle natural gas-
Kamla Persad-Bissessar SC in June this year. Assembly on Climate Change in September powered power plants.
2014, the prime minister focused on ongoing
Ban was referring to Trinidad and Tobago’s and future actvites in energy for the green investment
hostng of the Council for Trade and mitgaton of climate change. She touched Emphasis is being placed on low carbon
Economic Development (COTED) back in on current eforts in the industrial sector in transport including the approval of a
2013 in which the Caricom Energy Policy was terms of energy efciency. compressed natural gas master plan worth
born, paving the way for ambitous targets USD$300 million which is being actoned via
a special purpose company to implement
various incentves including for the purchase
of hybrid and electric vehicles. These
incentves are targeted for the rapid uptake
of these low carbon vehicles.
This deployment is well on its way as the
cabinet of Trinidad & Tobago has approved a
feed-in tarif policy for implementaton when
the relevant Acts are amended to allow it.
This clears the way for rapid development
of solar PV, wind and biomass generated
electricity into the natonal grid. Keeping in
line with these developments, fast-tracking
of a Wind Resource Assessment Programme
promises the delivery of up to 100MW of
electricity from wind power. It is envisaged
that the wind farm will be sited on the East
Coast of Trinidad.
These eforts are being recognized the
world over and has been cited by the United
Natons Environmental Programme (UNEP)
as “demonstratng vision and politcal
ambiton through decisions and projects on
clean energy”.
UNEP has recognized the work of the
The Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, speaks Government of the Republic of Trinidad and
with Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Natons.

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