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      façades for

      a sustainable


       At AkzoNobel, we believe that innovation can enable cities to
       “do more with less” and turn the urbanisation challenge into
       an opportunity to create more “Human Cities” for people and
       society in general.

       Today, nearly four billion people live in cities. This number is expected to increase by 2.5
       billion by 2050, with over 90 percent of this growth being in Asia and Africa. Cities will need to
       accommodate spiralling urbanisation, service the needs of citizens and stimulate commerce   Azko Nobel is a leading
       and investment to create jobs, all within the constraints imposed by climate change and the   global paints and
       need to meet greenhouse gas emission targets.                               coatings company and
                                                                                   a major producer of
       As one of the world’s leading paint companies – with globally recognised brands such as
       Sikkens, Dulux, International and Interpon – AkzoNobel has established its global Research,   specialty chemicals. We’re
       Development and Innovation (RD&I) centre for exterior wall paints in Singapore. This garden   in your mobile devices,
       city, in the centre of South East Asia, is a stimulating hub for innovation. The high growth   the cars and roads that
       economy of the region increases the need for innovation and AkzoNobel launches essential   move you around and are
       new products every year in the exterior wall paint category.
                                                                                   an essential part of the
                                                                                   products that keep you
       Our research programs are mainly focused on sustainability, energy efficient solutions, long-
       term durability and protection, and aesthetics for exterior walls. Guided by our Planet Possible   healthy.
       approach to “doing more with less”, and underlined by our #1 ranking on the Dow Jones   Headquartered in
       Sustainability Index, AkzoNobel is constantly striving to develop better and more sustainable
       products and technologies in order to make people’s lives more liveable and inspiring.   Amsterdam, the
                                                                                   Netherlands, we have
       Environmental footprint                                                     approximately 45,000
       Reducing the environmental footprint of our coatings is a clear focus of our research   people in around 80
       programs. We are striving to increase the use of renewable materials and optimise our use   countries, while our
       of lower carbon footprint raw materials. Another, and perhaps less obvious, way to reduce
       footprint is through increasing the durability of exterior wall paints.     portfolio includes well-
                                                                                   known brands such
       Enabling longer maintenance and repainting cycles helps to reduce building maintenance   as Dulux, Sikkens,
       costs and environmental impact. This is achieved by lowering the use of resources for the   International, Interpon
       paint itself (which will last longer), as well as reducing water use due to less need for cleaning.
                                                                                   and Eka.
       Both climate and human activities alter the appearance of building façades through UV-
       driven colour fading, erosion, cracking, flaking, dirt and dust pick-up, fungal and algal growth.
       In tropical urban environments in particular, most exterior wall paints currently last around

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