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five to eight years. We are developing solutions to extend this   performance coatings within the AkzoNobel portfolio.
           durability to at least ten years and beyond.
                                                                Clean air
           Our research programs are focused on developing new polymer   Air pollution is another challenging urbanization issue, especially
           technologies to best balance weatherability and softness to create   in growing cities in emerging markets. Harmful air pollutants such
           products with a longer durability than standard products used on   as nitrogen oxides (NOx) are recognised health and environmental
           building façades. In combination with durable pigments that do   issues being faced by urban communities. NOx (NO, NO2) are
           not fade under strong UV, and smart formulation modelling, we can   predominantly generated by the combustion of nitrogen in
           deliver extended repainting cycles. Beyond traditional coatings,   vehicle engines. NOx pollution is flagged as a contributory factor
           zero-VOC powder coatings for exterior façades can last for 20 years   in respiratory diseases and can react with many other chemicals to
           or more.                                             create further, harmful pollutants.
           Deliver energy efficient solutions                   Photoactive Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a well-established
           Cities also experience the “urban heat island effect”, especially those   technology for depollution and self-cleaning. When UV radiation
           cities that are subject to temperatures of 35°C and above throughout   strikes a photoactive TiO2 molecule, highly reactive free radicals
           the year. This results in growing energy consumption, which is   are formed. These radicals react with organic materials and can
           needed to cool down buildings. What many people are unaware of,   decompose air pollutants into less harmful materials. This reactivity
           however, is the fact that the materials used on exterior façades can   can also decompose other unwanted material, such as dirt, helping
           have a significant impact on the temperature inside a building.  to maintain cleaner façades for longer. Incorporating photoactive
                                                                TiO2 into coatings is not an easy task, because its reactivity is so
           When infrared radiation from the sun strikes the surface of a   high that it can even degrade the paint film itself.
           building, some of it is reflected and some is absorbed in the form
           of heat. This causes the exterior wall of the building to increase   Our researchers are working on technologies to stabilize
           in temperature, and this heat is subsequently transmitted to the   depollution paints without compromising general coatings
           interior of the building. Thanks to innovative technology and smart   properties, particularly with high durability in harsh climatic
           formulation modelling software, our researchers have developed   conditions such as tropical areas. The ultimate aim is to offer
           strategies to increase the solar reflectivity of our coatings.   customers around the world a technical solution for covering
                                                                millions of square meters of façade with depollution solutions, with
           We’ve carefully managed the pigments we use in our paints to   the potential to help clean millions of cubic meters of air.
           create striking colours while at the same time significantly increasing
           the amount of infrared radiation which is reflected by building   One of our clear commitments as a company is to help create
           façades. The result is a difference of up to 5°C between a façade   more Human Cities around the world. We are using our three key
           coated with a normal exterior paint and one coated with our Dulux   strengths – essential ingredients, essential protection and essential
           Weathershield Keep Cool products. Computer simulation modelling   colour – to energize communities and make them more liveable
           has also demonstrated energy cost savings of up to 10 to 15 percent,   and inspiring. Our researchers and scientists will therefore continue
           depending on the type of building. And this is achieved simply as a   to search for new and innovative ways in which coatings can
           result of less energy being required to cool the inside of the building.   increasingly play a more significant role in addressing the great
           This type of cooling effect is available in a variety of decorative and   urbanization challenges that lie ahead.

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