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Moss Earth

        Based in Brazil, Moss was born in 2020 from the vision and dream of
        conserving the Amazon rainforest and tackling climate change. They use
        cutting-edge technology to develop products and automate the entire carbon
        credit chain, from developing carbon projects to offset emissions. With more
        than 300 clients, Moss has transacted more than 4 million carbon credits that
        have helped conserve approximately 650 million trees in the Amazon rainforest.

                                                                                     Local fauna, ground fieldwork in the Amazon

       »   Technology to analyze the areas: Moss Forest is a dMRV³   »   Fighting the climate crises: Moss Forest brings the necessary
          system that assesses forest areas with the potential for carbon   agility to reach the environmental goals established by the UN. With
          credits projects using geospatial analysis, remote sensing, artificial   our technology, not only do we accelerate the development of
          intelligence and big data. Our system filters the data, searching for   projects, but we also conserve more areas in less time. The impact
          inconsistencies and verifies the integrity of the information.  reverberates positively in the biodiversity and local communities in
                                                                 the Amazon. The synergy between innovation and nature results in
       »   Machine learning to automate manual processes: Moss   actions like a more sustainable planet, connected, facilitates medical
          Forest estimates the potential carbon credit generation of   access to the heart of the Amazon, reinforces forest surveillance
          each pixel obtained through satellite imagery. The information   and monitors the animals on the endangered species list. It also
          collected is used to calculate the total amount of carbon   contributes directly to four UN Sustainable Development Goals:
          credits that an area can generate. It also monitors the region's   - 2:  Zero Hunger
          biodiversity, all of this in minutes!                 - 11:  Sustainable Cities and Communities
                                                                - 13:  Climate Action
       »   Project cost reduction: with Moss Forest, the development of   - 15:  Life on land.
          carbon credits origination projects happens way faster, with a more
          significant amount and less cost. We dramatically reduce the costs   That's how technology protects Amazon. And Moss does what the
          of project development.                             planet needs the most: keeps the forest standing with urgency and

       1  Source: Map Biomas
       2  Data Lake is an approach to storing a large amount of data in a centralized way
       3  dMRV: Digital Monitoring, Report and Verification
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