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Moss Forest: Get to know the technology

       revolutionizing the carbon market

       By Cláudia Backes, COO, Moss Earth

       On average, the certification and audit of carbon credit projects take two years of analysis. The process
       is expensive, slow and analogue, requiring manual analysis of dozens of documents. While we wait
       for the conclusion of the process, more than 3 thousand hectares are deforested daily in the Amazon
       rainforest, equivalent to 21 trees deforested per second¹. Ignoring this reality is no longer an option. The
       planet is in a hurry, and this urgency incites us to speed up the process.

       Imagine a future where technology and artificial intelligence could help   The future is now, and Moss is leading the movement with Moss Forest
       us save years of work and thousands of forest hectares. Now, visualize   � our end-to-end dMRV process automation gives speed to all the
       a scenario where an innovative system can automate all the manual   stages of project development and drastically reduces the vulnerability
       processes and estimate with precision the potential of generating   of human error.
       carbon credits in every area of the national territory.
                                                              Get to know 5 attributes of the technology that is revolutionizing
       Advocating for a comprehensive approach to environmental   the market:
       stewardship, moving beyond conventional carbon offset methods
       to also emphasize biodiversity conservation is not a distant idea; it's   »   Precision and agility: Moss Forest is the first solution that
       already a reality.                                        estimates the potential of carbon credits generation in the Brazilian
                                                                 territory using big data to integrate into a single data lake² real-time
        With a holistic conservation approach, we can conserve our   satellite technology, scientific studies and several databases giving
       biodiversity and nature while working with restoration tools using tech   us precise results in a few minutes.
       and digital carbon market tools to originate and distribute carbon
       credits with the best UX in class.

        Aerial photo taken during ground fieldwork in the Amazon

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