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• By means of the power distribution/transmission system low cost power will not of the burden with the Ecuadorian people although the
only be distributed to the various oil felds but will also be shared with the local benefts of the Project spread out well beyond its borders;
stake holders/communities in the area covering approximately 25,000 km .
• Once the OGE&EE Project has been implemented
The project scope consists of the following main activities: overall CO2 emissions will be reduced by as much
as 800,000 tons per year.
• Develop over 300 MW of power generation capacity distributed in various felds. • Through the Project millions of US$ of equipment
• Build over 600 km of power distribution/transmission lines thereby providing the and material has been purchased in the developed/
means to deliver power to the oil industry as well as the other local stakeholder/ industrialized world providing a stimulus to their
populations in the area. economies.
• Build gas gathering facilities and over 100 km of gas pipelines to transport the • The OGE&EE Project has provided opportunities
Associated Gas to the various power generation facilities. to multiple multinational Original Equipment
• Through R&D develop i) fexible/multiple fuel power generation facilities Manufacturers (OEMs) to further develop their
(Associated Gas/Crude Oil/Condensates), ii) virtual gas pipelines (for small scale products.
“stranded Associated Gas”, iii) Waste Heat Recovery system thereby optimizing
the heat from the exhausts of the power generation facilities. The Project is a tremendous undertaking for a country
that is going the extra mile by not only advocating
On the 22nd of August 2013 the Board of Directors of PETROAMAZONAS EP “Responsibility and Commitment Towards Sustainable
approved the 2013 – 2017 Business Plan assigning a 1.2 billion budget for the Energy” but also making real monetary commitments
OGE&EE Project. and sacrifces towards tangibly reducing the Carbon
Footprint per produced barrel of crude oil and socializing
To this date over 300 MM US $ has already been invested under the previously the direct benefts of the oil industry to the local stake
approved Business Plan. holders by providing them with electricity.

The question remains whether the burden of projects with such far reaching Moving forward a question remains; why did the “joint
environmental and social (positive) impact should be borne solely by the Ecuadorian responsibility and commitment mechanism” through the
people or whether internationally there is a joint responsibility and commitment CDM leave the OGE&EE initiative in the cold, virtually
towards sustainable energy? leaving it 100% up to Ecuador to deliver “Sustainable
Energy” when it was understood by all parties that this
When PETROAMAZONAS EP (through the OGE&EE unit) started developing the should be a joint effort?
Project in 2009 it was confdent that the international community would pick up its
share of the burden through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) administrated PETROAMAZONAS EP
through the UNFCCC.

After a long process, and after having already committed hundreds of millions of US $ to
the Project, it came as a complete surprise to PETROAMAZONAS EP that by the end of
2012 (after various intents) the UNFCCC rejected the Project thereby depositing 100%

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