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The nature of our business is to provide the best solutions for yours.

Petrom began its history in 1953 and today is an important Brazilian petrochemical and green chemistry. A recent example of this is the launch of PLS Green, a new range
company, with the abilities to meet the most diverse and challenging needs of its customers of plasticizers developed from renewable sources such as sugar cane derivatives
through solutions that meet rigorous quality, safety and environmental standards. that meets the growing global demand for environmentally sustainable products.

Petrom is the largest manufacturer of phthalic anhydride in Latin America and maintains Petrom. A company whose main business is to contribute to the success of its
a wide portfolio of products whilst also striving to innovate in the areas of alcohol, fine clients wherever they are in the world.

To learn more about Petrom, visit:
Rodovia Dom Paulo Rolim Loureiro, Km 9 – Vila Moraes - 08766-500 - Mogi das Cruzes - SP - Brasil
Phone: (55 11) 4798-7500/7600 • Fax: (55 11) 4798-7501/7610

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