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Plug and Play

solar Power

The energy sector is one of the single largest sources of climate-changing greenhouse (CO2) gas emissions
and action must be taken in order to break dependence on fossil fuels

Despite a weak global economic outlook, oil prices are soaring and CO2 emissions We have developed this technology taking into account
have reached record highs. poor road accessibility, a lack of technical skills on site
and tough weather conditions (dust, high temperature,
Meanwhile, urbanization is increasing in several developing countries. Global humidity).
electricity demand has grown by 40%. Experts predict it could triple by 2020.
We can cover up to 100% of our partner’s needs.
Yet around 1.3 billion people, equal to one-ffth of the world’s population, still do not
have access to electricity. Our engineering offce, with experts qualifed to the
French National Standard of OPQPBI, work with hi-tech
Asia and sub-Saharan African account for 95% of those without access to modern software to ensure a perfect architectural integration and
energy while across developing countries average electrifcation rates are between optimal performance.
Our networks in Africa, the Middle East and South
In some of those countries the grid is impractical or impossible to install. It drives America allow us to access a variety of markets. We
populations to use polluting fuels like charcoal or traditional generators on a daily basis. believe sustainability is a part of our responsibility so we
train people locally to develop jobs.
The health risks linked to using generators range from headaches and nausea, to
respiratory disease and lung cancer. We bring a difference to users by offering a power
range from 3kW till 200kW and a strong, silent, free
At LIBRE ENERGIE we believe we have an answer that can help many communities maintenance product.
around the world.
Our stand-alone solar generator system is safe, silent and reliable. It
provides constant power throughout the day and night and can be
used alongside other sources of energy.
Plug and play
Our kW3 is also made for various
applications such as agriculture,
industry, the military,
telecommunications and
communities in need
of power.
created kW3 tailored
to respond to primary
needs such as water pumping
and outage cuts. It offers a power
supply of 220/380 Vac, commonly used in
Africa and South America.

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