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LIBRE ENERGIE is a French company,
and with 450 installations has gained an
enviable reputation in the photovoltaic
sector. It specializes in remote of-grid
systems that deliver power to some
of the most isolated locations. The
associate directors conceived the cube
kW3 because of their commitment
develop greener and more efcient
energy systems in developing parts of
the world. – –

Traditionally farmers in Morocco have relied on gas to power their irrigation systems, but LIBRE
ENERGIE works with them to ensure they can develop safe and affordable sources of energy,
enabling them to properly irrigate their crops.

We have recently worked in Guyana for a community of
35 houses and a church who had no grid available.

They were using fuel generators but the maintenance
costs have grown and this solution had become too
expensive. Spare parts, volatile and erratic fuel markets
and fuel thieves make using generators hard work.
They were looking for individual solar solutions, and soon
they realized that the investment would be bigger but
cost effective.
A lot of countries are hit by poor electricity connections
which has a strong impact on medical clinics, schools,
telecoms, mines and industries. We are here to provide
them with solutions.

Farmers are also trying to fnd an alternative to their
precarious gas installations. There is strong awareness
from them towards the environment and the need to use
greener tools.


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