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timely and


solutions to

air pollution

Tired of increasing pollution in major cities and sea ports and looking for practical solutions? There is
a proven scientifcally-based way to curb air pollution, ground ozone formation and acid rains. It lies
within a suite of ultrafne titanium dioxide (Tio ) catalyst technologies, making such modern essentials
as power plants, cars and fuel processing facilities safer for both the consumers and the environment

Responding to air pollution means The World Health Organization warns that urban outdoor air pollution is responsible
addressing climate change for 1.3 million premature deaths worldwide per year. By 2050, according to the OECD,
In response to the growing concerns about the air pollution is anticipated to become the biggest environmental cause of mortality
environment, increasing population and soaring worldwide, overtaking the lack of clean water and poor sanitation. The number of
healthcare costs, regulation against pollutants such as premature deaths from exposure to air pollution could reach 3.6 million every year,
nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx) is now mostly in China and India.
spreading globally.
Good for the environment – good for business
NOx and SOx are toxic gases generated during the Power plants, diesel cars and trucks, marine vessels and fuel processing are the main
processing of natural gas, crude oil, coal gasoline and sources of modern-day air pollution.
diesel fuel. NOx, in turn, is formed when harmless
oxygen and nitrogen gases combine during combustion However, they provide us with the essentials and conveniences of modern life, and
processes to form oxides of nitrogen. Nitrous oxide (N O) there is a growing need to make these technologies safer, both for the environment
of the same family, known as “laughing gas”, is also a and our health. That’s where TiO -based NOx abatement technologies are proven to
very potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate be extremely effcient in capturing these harmful gases at the source.
change. SOx enters the atmosphere in much the same
way and has its origins in the production of fuel from oil While controls at source are the primary form of pollution control and have the most
or natural gas. signifcant effect, they are not a complete and total solution. There needs to be a
secondary layer of protection for the particles that escape into the atmosphere.
Both NOx and SOx are harmful to humans and are
strictly regulated. They can cause respiratory problems, The good news is that both levels of protection are available and ready to be
contribute to smog, ground level ozone formation and deployed, bringing a much desired “breath of fresh air”.
acid rain.

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