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workiNg together

to achieve our

shared goal

Philip Morris Internatonal Inc.’s (PMI) Head of Environmental Sustainability, Andrew Harrop, talks about the UN
Framework Conventon on Climate Change COP21 meetng and what it means for PMI.

Global leaders are meetng in Paris to work on an ambitous
but necessary agreement to tackle climate change. While
diferences may exist on how to achieve our shared goal,
there is converging alignment on what needs to be done:
a substantal and sustained reducton in greenhouse gas
emissions to keep global temperature rise to under 2°C from
pre-industrial levels.
Playing our part
As the leading internatonal tobacco company and a Fortune
500 business, at PMI, environmental sustainability has always
been a key part of how we operate and our culture.
Climate change is a huge global challenge and we understand
the need to collaborate with stakeholders and peer
organizatons to beter face this societal issue together. With
PMI brands sold in more than 180 countries worldwide and
a global workforce of more than 82,000 employees, we are
cognizant of our corporate footprint and are stepping up to
take acton, seizing the opportunites that come with the size
and scale of our value chain.
From the felds of half a million tobacco farmers in more than
30 countries, to our 50 factories worldwide, right up to the
distributon and logistcs, to retailers, and our consumers,
environmental sustainability is core to their path, and ours,
for long term success.
Putng our house in good order
PMI has established ambitous emission reducton targets * Against a 2010 baseline, per million units of product equivalent.
which include a long-term commitment to a 20% reducton
in fossil-fuel related energy and CO2 emissions from our
factories by the end of 2015, and a 30% reducton in our
carbon footprint across our whole value chain by 2020.
In 2014, through the use of greener energy in our EU-based
factories, we reduced the annual carbon emissions from our
operatons by 10%, or 80,000 metric tonnes, the company’s
single largest annual reducton achieved to date and putng
us in a strong positon to achieve our 2015 target.

Reportng on progress
We regularly report on our progress via CDP, an internatonal
NGO commited to promotng public disclosure of
organizatonal carbon reducton and management. The
CDP ratngs provide a tool for insttutonal investors and
stakeholders to assess corporate eforts to mitgate climate

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