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Philip Morris Internatonal
Inc. (PMI) is the leading
internatonal tobacco
company, with six of the
world’s top 15 internatonal
brands, including Marlboro,
the world’s best-selling
cigarete brand, and with
internatonal and local
brands sold in more than
180 markets. PMI’s goal
is to provide high quality,
innovatve products to adult
smokers. We aim to reduce
the harm caused by smoking
by supportng efectve
evidence-based regulaton of
tobacco products and through
our investment in developing
products with the potental
to reduce the risk of tobacco-
related disease.

change. In 2015, PMI was awarded
climate ‘A List’ status in CDP’s Climate
Performance Leadership Index and
received top marks with 100% for Carbon
broader sustainability and value
chain cooperaton
Our sustainability eforts include working
closely with partners across our value
chain to achieve our goals. Following an
internal assessment of our entre carbon
footprint, we found that more than 70%
of our carbon emissions come from our
supply chain, including up to 40% from
tobacco agriculture. As a result, a key part
of our carbon emission reducton strategy
is to support farmers on improving Good
Agricultural Practces .
It’s not only on carbon reducton that
we take bold acton. We have also set
a target of 20% reducton of our water
consumpton in our factories, and engage
our agricultural supply chain on water
stewardship. And, we’re working to
further reduce waste from our operatons
having achieved a recycling rate of 85%
in 2014 , with eforts now focused on
minimizing waste to landfll.
A critcal tme: let’s work together
We believe that an ambitous deal at the
outcome of COP21 is critcal to limitng the
impact of climate change on the 27
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