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1 For more informaton on our Good Agricultural Practces, please visit: htp://
2 Read more about our broader environmental sustainability work at: htp://
3 To read the CDP “Road to Paris” Manifesto click htps://
and “We Mean Business” Coaliton, visit: htp://

planet, and we support an internatonal
agreement between governments to
achieve that.

Following our good progress on carbon
reducton, we are now setng our own
science-based targets and support the
CDP “Road to Paris” and “We Mean
Business Coaliton” as part of these
We know that success depends on many
groups of stakeholders working together
- businesses, organizatons, governments,
and individuals. We recognize our
responsibility to “do well by doing good” –
the so-called “shared value” concept. PMI
remains strongly commited to playing
our part to achieve long-term sustainable
business growth.

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