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“The toughest thing is the mind part. The thing that made it worth it When they get to the French capital, Price and Knudsen plan to hold
was the people I met along the way. People took me in and gave me a side event at the critcal climate summit.
shelter for the night.”
For all the alarming implicatons of their own research, they aim to
Exhausted from the 1,900km stretch, Knudsen passed the baton to focus on opportunites to tackle burgeoning emissions.
friends in the UK, who are running Edinburgh to Cambridge as a relay.
“We want a positve vibe,” says Price, mentoning renewable energy
Recruitng volunteers showed some of the limitatons of outreach. and Tesla’s innovatons in batery storage.
“It is easier to get people interested in climate change issues to run
rather than get runners to run for something other than themselves,” Knudsen agrees: “We have so many tools already when it comes to
chartng a path to a sustainable future. We just need to start using
he observes.
Knudsen is speaking at schools, universites and conferences in the
meantme, before pounding a path from Cambridge to London, then “The climate conference in Paris will potentally be a big step in the
right directon and a very, very important and needed step. We have
Brussels to Paris.
waited so long.”

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