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Future geNeratioNs

2015 will likely be a decisive moment in the history of our planet, and the implementaton of measures to
atenuate the risks entailed by climate change. It will also open new prospects for tomorrow’s key space
missions that will examine this phenomenon.

A real community has formed around the has quickly become a passionate and deeply no doubts to linger about the
challenges of climate change, bringing together human story, one to which we seek to contribute unprecedented disturbance
scientsts, government agencies and industry. the full sum of our skills and expertse. in our climate, there are stll a
We have long shared our thoughts and analyses number of uncertaintes about
to design increasingly accurate instruments three satellites climate change. For example, it
and satellites to measure all essental climate We are all fully aware today that we must is important to quickly launch
variables as defned in the World Climate contnue to refne our understanding of European programs that will
Research Program, and give decision-makers the the Earth’s climate, a task that depends on measure greenhouse gases,
observatonal contnuity and precision long-
increasingly reliable data they need. carbon dioxide and methane.
term models.
But our engagement in industry goes well For Thales Alenia Space, 2015
beyond this framework, and this collaboraton In the history of humanity, climate science is is also a symbolic year,
stll a very young discipline, and while it allows

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