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                                                n 2017, one climate story has dominated the international news:
                                                Donald J Trump. The incoming president confirmed in June he intends
                                              Ito withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement his predecessor
                                              invested so much political capital in bringing to fruition. Every action
                                              of his administration backs that up, from axing climate finance to
                                              repealing the clean power plan.

                                              But climate change is bigger than one man, no matter how obstructive.
                                              National leaders were quick to tell Trump the Paris pact is not open for
                                              renegotiation. Many US states and cities declared “we’re still in”.

                                              Here in Bonn, Fijian prime minister and COP23 president Frank Bainimarama
                                              is pressing for ambitious action to protect communities vulnerable to global
                                              warming (p6), while California governor Jerry Brown is set to champion the
                                              role of subnational governments and business in pushing the climate agenda.

                                              At Climate Home, we are proud to have published original, hard-hitting
                                              stories from all over the world. Check out our reports on Bangladesh’s
                                              looming climate migration crunch (p8), mass murder on the Amazon’s lawless
                                              frontier (p18) and Egyptian farmers’ water security fears as Ethiopia’s huge
                                              hydropower dam upriver gets closer to completion (p22).

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                                              Thanks for reading and have a good COP.

                                              Megan Darby
                                              Deputy editor, Climate Home
                                              Editor, Respond magazine

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