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         2017 in climate news


         Scientists discover an area of
         peatland the size of England
         in the Congo jungle, which
         stores a massive 30 billion
         tonnes of carbon.

         Global sea ice falls to the
         lowest level on record, as
         natural variability in the
                                                                                                                    Photo credit: Pixabay
         Antarctic swings in the same
         direction as warming-driven
         low ice cover in the Arctic.

                          July                                                June

                  A G20 leaders’ summit                                      Donald Trump announces his
                  ends in division, with                                     intention to pull the US out of the Paris
                  the US opting out of                                       Agreement, arguing it harms America’s
                  a statement affirming                                      economic interests.
                  commitment to the Paris
                  climate agreement.                                         France’s Emmanuel Macron and
                                                                             the former “governator” Arnold
                  India commissions three                                    Schwarzenegger subvert a Trump
                  research institutes to                                     slogan, pledging to “make our planet
                  draw up long-term low                                      great again”. World leaders reaffirm
                  carbon growth scenarios.      Photo credit: Michael Vadon/  their commitment to Paris, while a
                                                Wikimedia Commons
                                                                             coalition of US states and cities declares
                                                                             “we’re still in”.

                                August                                                        September

                            Marshall Islands climate champion                Hurricane Maria follows Irma and
                            Tony de Brum dies at home, aged 72.              Harvey in one of the most destructive
                            Obituary p24.                                    seasons ever for the Caribbean
                                                                             and southern US. Scientists point
                            A gas tanker crosses the Arctic northern         out warmer than average seas fuel
                            sea route without an icebreaker escort           stronger storms - a signature of
                            for the first time. The Russian coastline        climate change.
                            is opening up to trade as sea ice
                            retreats. Full story p14.
                                                                             In solidarity with hurricane victims,
                                                                             Nicaragua belatedly announces plans
                            The death toll for South Asian monsoon           to join the Paris Agreement, which it
                            flooding exceeds 1,200, with millions            previously rejected as inadequate.
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