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                                   February                                              March

          Sweden’s deputy                                                      The World Meteorological
          prime minister Isabella                                              Organization warns climate
          Lovin goes viral with                                                change is pushing the world into
          an all-female photo                                                  “uncharted territory”, following
          announcing an ambitious                                              three record-breakingly warm
          climate law. It is a clear                                           years in a row.
          dig at US president
          Donald Trump, who a                                                  The number of coal power plants
          week earlier signed an                                               in planning worldwide halved in
          order restricting women’s                                            2016, a report from Coal Swarm,
          access to abortion                                                   Greenpeace and Sierra Club finds.
          worldwide, surrounded                                                A freeze on projects in China and
          exclusively by men.
                                                                               India improves the odds of meeting
                                                  Photo credit: Facebook/Isabella Lovin  international climate goals.

                       May                                               April

          Exxon Mobil’s shareholders win a                                                    An entire Canadian river
          landmark climate resolution, forcing                                          changes course in four days, as
          the world’s largest oil company to                                             a result of glacier melting. The
          “stress test” its portfolio against a 2C                                        Slims River in Yukon switched
          global warming limit. Full story p26.                                            from flowing into the Bering
                                                                                              Sea to Kaskawulsh River.
          China’s Xi Jinping talks up clean
          energy and science cooperation at
          the first forum on his “belt and road”                                             Brazil sees its worst land-
          overseas investment strategy. But the                                                related mass murder in
          country remains the biggest backer of                                          decades. Deep in the Amazon,
          coal power development worldwide,                                             forest clearance and conflict go
          which threatens to bust climate goals.                                          hand in hand. Full story p18.

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                                                                New York announces plans to go
                                                                carbon neutral by 2050, in line with
                                                                the tougher 1.5C warming limit in the
                                                                Paris Agreement.

                                                                Germany’s Green party makes
                                                                climate action - a coal phase-out
                                                                plan and clean transport strategy
                                                                - a priority in negotiations to form
                                                                a coalition government with a free
                                                                market liberal party and Angela
                                                                Merkel’s conservatives.

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