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           4     Timeline: 2017 in climate news                                                                8

           6     From Fiji to Bonn, we are all in the same canoe

           8     What will become of Bangladesh’s climate migrants?

           14   Gas tanker crosses thawing Arctic without icebreaker for first time

           18   Worst land-related killings in decades expose Amazon’s lawless frontier
           20   US exports of tar sands waste are fuelling Delhi’s air pollution crisis

           22   Egypt faces water insecurity as Ethiopian mega-dam rumours swirl

           24   1945-2017: Tony de Brum, Marshallese climate and anti-nuclear crusader

           26   Exxon shareholders win ‘historic’ climate vote against board’s advice

           15    Philips Lighting: The Age of Sustainalism: the new socio-economic growth                    15
                 model for an inclusive 21st century

           28    Softplan: Less paper, more justice: How an overhaul of court information
                 systems in Brazil is saving trees

           30   Radix: Digital revolution meets sustainability: How technology can sustainably
                 drive projects and operations

           33    Vega Real: Community, investment and sustainability                                         41

           36   DT Group of Companies (DTGO): Holistic approaches for sustainable homes

           38  AkzoNobel: Smart façades for a sustainable future

           41   Aramex: Shifting to a green economy – it’s all about striking a balance

           44   C. Rolim Engenharia: Lean, green, quality building machine                                   51

           46    Construtora Queiroz Galvão: Construction industry’s paths and challenges
                 towards a sustainable future

           48  Estre Ambiental establishes itself as a benchmark in solid waste management
                 in Brazil

           51  Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt: Fulfilling the promise of Paris –
                 quality infrastructure for the energy sector                                                56

           54  Rawbank: Banking on sustainable development

           56  The Global Environment Facility (GEF): Defining moment: How we are
                 raising our ambition for a healthier environment

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