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               cooperative as an autonomous
               association of people united voluntarily                                                                           HOW HONDUPALMA PROVIDES
        A promotes the satisfaction of their
        common economic, social and cultural needs                                                                                COLLECTIVE BENEFIT
        and aspirations through a jointly owned and
        democratically managed enterprise.
        Communities become the field of action to identify                                                                        TO LOCAL COMMUNITIES
        needs and establish investment priorities that guarantee
        improvements of collective benefit in the quality of life of
        people and the environment.
                                                                                                                                  AND THE ENVIRONMENT by Nelson Araya
        Hondupalma, through the elaboration of the social map and
        in coordination with the representatives of the surrounding
        communities, plans social and environmental projects by
        zones, directed to prioritise needs of common benefit,
        annually investing amounts that oscillate around US$
        1,200,000.00, thus contributing with communities and
        supporting local and national governments in their fight to
        reduce poverty.
        Palmas Aceiteras de Honduras, Hondupalma/ECARA is
        a cooperative enterprise founded in 1982, dedicated to
        the production, industrialisation and commercialisation of
        products derived from palm.
        Its main processes are extraction, refining, fractionation,
        butter packaging, oil and manufacture of cleaning products.
        It is made up of 28 farmer associations and 2 agricultural
        cooperatives that bring together a total of 690 members. Its
        brands in the market are Clavel, Del Portal and JanSur.

        Hondupalma is certified in:
        ✓  ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
        ✓   Rainforest Alliance: Sustainable Agriculture Network
        ✓  ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
        ✓   ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety                                                                                                                                                                                 Clean Energy Project
           Management System
        ✓  FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System
        ✓   ISCC EU e ISCC PLUS International sustainability and
           carbon certification
        ✓  Safe Company with Safe Work
        ✓  RSPO Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
                                                             SAP DTH Project                                                      A symbolic price of USD 0.40 is charged for the medical
        Other Client Requirements:                           With the purpose of providing an integral technological              consult.
        ✓    Ethical Standards (SMETA Pillars) Client Requirements:
                                                             solution, operative excellence and processes, based on best
           PEPSICO and Walmart                               practices and international standards, achieving a better            This benefit is received by approximately 8,000 families.
        ✓  Traceability Protocol: Required by PEPSICO        control of the administration of the organisation’s resources;       2. Educational Services
                                                             the SAP-DTH project is being finalized, which includes the           Ernesto Ponce Vocational Technical Institute serves the
                                                             following modules: Finances (FI), Costs (CO), Materials (MM),        educational needs of family members of associates,
        HONDUPALMA’s actions to reduce climate change:
                                                             Production (PP), Quality Control (QM), Sales (SD), Maintenance       employees and inhabitants of nearby communities, in the
        1.    Wastewater treatment plant and biogas capture for the
                                                             (PM), Payroll (HCM), Business Intelligence (BI).                     following careers:
           generation of clean energy.
                                                             Social Projection                                                    ✓  Industrial Mechanics
        2.    Use of biomass instead of fossil fuels in boilers (with
                                                             1. Medical Services:                                                 ✓  Automotive Mechanics
           sleeve filters to reduce particulate matter), reducing
                                                             Hondupalma has its own IHSS-SME clinic in which                      ✓  Industrial Welding
           GHG (Greenhouse Gasses) emissions associated with
           production.                                       medical services are provided to partners, employees and             ✓  Common Basic Cycle
                                                             communities in the Guaymas and surrounding areas, detailed           ✓  Computer Technician
        3.    Energy Efficiency Programme focused on reducing
                                                             below:                                                               ✓   Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Humanities     3. Road Infrastructure
           energy consumption and increasing the generation of
                                                                                                                                  ✓    Technical Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting   As part of the social projection Hondupalma contributes with
           clean energy.                                      ✓  General practitioner and nurse service
                                                                                                                                     and Finance                                      the maintenance of streets and bridges and the construction
                                                              ✓  Laboratory service
        4.    Plan for the reduction of agrochemicals that emit GHGs                                                              ✓    Professional Technician in Computer Science Bachelor’s   of containment barriers for floods.
                                                              ✓  Dentistry service
           into the environment.                                                                                                     Degree
                                                              ✓  General Pharmacy                                                                                                     This benefit is received by 32 surrounding communities that
        5.  Integral Solid Waste Management Plan.                                                                                 ✓    Technical Professional Bachelor’s Degree in
                                                              ✓  Ambulance service                                                                                                    include approximately 8,000 families.
                                                                                                                                  This benefit is received by 700 students annually.
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