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 commitment, and more than a point of commercial   Payoffs
 differentiation. We’ve made it core to our company purpose.   The payoffs of investing in sustainable technology are
 We’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do.  significant and more immediate than one might think.
 Some people once thought it impossible to phase out the
 We also want to show what’s possible. As a large global
 incandescent light bulb. In 2006, when we called for such a
 organisation, we have a unique opportunity to model how we
 transition, lighting accounted for 19% of global electricity
 got our business on course to be carbon neutral by 2020. It
 use. Since then, the lighting sector has gone through one of
 has required great ambition and some important decisions
 the fastest transitions we have ever seen. By 2018, electricity
 along the way, but crucially, we’re proving that it’s possible.
 consumption had fallen to 13% and by 2030, it will be just
 We’re aiming for 100% renewable energy, and we’re almost
 8%. At the same time, the number of light points is on the
 there, running currently at 92%. We’re switching our fleets of
 rise, and by 2030, there will be about 35% more. It’s a great
 company cars to electric and hybrid vehicles. We’re making
 reminder that growth and energy consumption need not
 our own buildings carbon neutral. We’ve created offset
 go hand in hand. They can be decoupled, enabling socio-
 programmes to close the remaining gap. And perhaps most
 economic development while at the same time contributing
 importantly, we’ve built sustainability into our product design,
 to protecting our climate.
 with each product scored for a circular economy. Everything
 we do is driven by approved, science-based targets. We’ve
 done this in just five years, and if we can do it, others can, too.
 20%  160%
 10%  80%
 0  0 0
 Harry Verhaar,   2006  2018  2030
 Head of Global Public & Government Affairs,    Energy Consumption (lighting)  Lighting use
 Harry Verhaar has over 20 years of experience in   So, my call to action is simple: let’s close the gap between
 commitment and action and get behind a carbon-neutral
 the lighting industry and is Head of Global Public &
 world no later than 2050. As businesses, let’s lead the way
 Government Affairs for Signify. He is responsible for
 by committing to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 at the
 the strategy, outreach and stakeholder management
 latest. And let’s make sure that in our conversations in ten
 on energy & climate change, resource efficiency and
 years’ time, we’re able to reflect on our actions and our
 sustainable development, with a key focus on the role of
 momentous progress in overcoming this greatest challenge
 the LED lighting revolution.  to humanity’s future.
 He has since the end of 2003 been the architect of the
 lighting strategy on energy and climate change, which
 has resulted in a global momentum on phasing out of old
 lighting technologies.
 He is an active member of a number of partnership and
 stakeholder networks, among which The Climate Group;
 Regions20, the World Green Building Council and of the
 UN Environment Science Business Policy Forum. He is
 responsible for Philips’ relationship management with
 the UN and is a founding member of UN Environment’s
 en.lighten program and the SE4All’s Global Energy
 Efficiency Accelerator Platform. He is chairman of the
 European Alliance to Save Energy and is former president
 of the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association.
 He holds a MSc in Solid State Luminescence from the
 University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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