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structural point of view, is a desirable goal   most promising source for the next decade,   REFERENCES:
          Brazil is poised to accomplish in time.   with 12% growth in generation per year   1  Digital Economy - Predictions - Oxford Economics
                                            - Brazil registered 70% increase in solar   spillover/files/gci_digital_spillover.pdf
          The reason is that the country has an   energy generation in 2020, according to   2  Article "On Global Electricity Usage of
                                                                                Communication Technology: Trends to 2030"
          immense potential for generating energy   ABSOLAR (Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar
          from renewable sources, which allows for   Energy Association), reaching 7.5 GW last   3  Ireland Data Centres Energy Consumption
          the development of one of the "greenest"   year. This volume is almost half of what was
          digital infrastructure in the world through   produced by Itaipu Binacional, the world’s   complicating-climate-efforts-1.4131768
          intelligent and sustainable use of our   second largest hydroelectric plant owned   4  Datasphere IDC - 2021
          natural resources.                by Brazil and Paraguay.  Notwithstanding   5  Forbes Magazine Analysis https://www.
                                            the rapid growth in solar energy generation,
          Already, the Brazilian energy matrix is mostly   the potential is still enormous: there   2021/?sh=33eb660f397d
          based on clean resources: 63.8% of the   are more than 30 thousand hours of   6  Global Data Center Market https://www.
          electricity consumed in the Brazilian territory   sunlight per year in Brazil alone, capable
          comes from hydroelectric plants (Source:   of generating up to 30% of all the energy   colocation?utm_source=GNOM&utm_
          ANEEL).  However, there are alternatives   offered in the country’s electrical grid with   medium=PressRelease&utm_
          that may further reinforce Brazil's potential in   currently available photovoltaic technology.   +Global+Data+Center+Market+Report+2021-
          clean energy, whether because of its winds   For comparison purposes, this capacity in   2025%3a+Market+to+Drop+in+2020+Due+to+the+C
          or the generous amount of sunshine that   Europe is only 10%.         in+2021+Onwards&utm_exec=chdo54prd
          reaches the country.                                                 7  Green data centers market https://www.
                                            Either way, with assertive tactics applied
          According to data from ABEEólica (Brazilian   directly in the data center or with a major   8  ESG Imperative for Tech Companies https://
          Wind Energy Association), the installed   change in the energy matrix, it is vital that
          capacity of wind power in Brazil reached   the global IT industry mobilizes and also   9  Moody's - Forecast 2021, green and sustainable
          18 GW in 2020 - which represents 10.3% of   contributes to the four priority objectives of   bonds issuance
          the entire energy grid. The entity's estimate   COP26 in Glasgow (Scotland): adaptation,   to-hit-a-record-650-billion--PBC_1263479
          is to reach 28 GW by 2024. Currently, Brazil   mitigation, financing, and collaboration.  10   Hydroeletric power consumption Brazil https://
          has more than 8,300 wind turbines and 695
          wind farms in activity. 11        For the ICT sector, this means that   renovaveis-representam-83-da-matriz-eletrica-
                                            companies, hyperscalers and data center   brasileira
                                                                               11  Brazil wind energy growth - Abeeólica https://
          In 2019, a report by the World Bank -   operators must play their part in adapting to
          Going Global: Expanding Offshore Wind to   this new sustainable world order by seeking   energia-eolica-chega-a-18-gw-de-capacidade-
          Emerging Markets - delivered another piece   to mitigate the impacts of their activities   12  World Bank Report https://www.worldbank.
          of good news: that the country has the   on the environment; investing in their own   org/en/topic/energy/publication/expanding-
          wind energy potential to do much more.   transformation; and collaborating with their
                                                                               13   Brazil solar energy growth - ABSOLAR https://
          For example, just with offshore facilities up   customers and employees in this journey
          to 200 km off the coast, the country can   towards a more digital, sustainable and   agro-geracao-solar-cresce-70-em-2020/
          produce about 1.2 thousand GW - a much   prosperous future, for which we all share
          larger amount than any of the other seven   responsibility.
          emerging economies evaluated. 12
          As for solar energy - considered by the
          International Energy Agency (IEA) as the
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