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Malwee Group
                                                   Malwee Group is one of the main fashion companies in Brazil. It's a
                                                   pioneer in the field of sustainability and currently works to achieve
                                                   the goals of its 2020 Sustainability Plan. By its performance, in 2018,
                                                   it came to rank among the 10 most transparent fashion brands in the
                                                   world, according to the Transparency Index of Fashion (ITM) an initiative
                                                   of the Fashion Revolution. The Group has 4 manufacturing units, 5,500
                                                   employees and is present in more than 25,000 stores throughout Brazil.

          customizing clothes and creating smart
          wardrobes. Through reverse logistics
          actions, the plan supports the positioning
          of the Group's brands, which carry the
          message to the consumer.

          2. Malwee
          Aiming to encourage conscious
          consumption and reinforce the concern
          with the environmental impact caused by
          the fashion industry, Malwee launched the
          positioning, “Fashion without end” (Moda
          Sem Ponto Final). The concept aims to
          encourage consumers to think about the
          useful life of clothes and the relationship
          between consumption and use of the items.
          It is a fashion:                  will strengthen our relationships and sustain   use of water and material resources
          ✔  More conscious, with durable garments   life. Thus, the Malwee Group's ESG 2030   focusing on raw materials and packaging;
           that combine the essential with the   Plan has as its fundamental structures:  and as social priorities: gender equality,
           timeless with fashion information.                                  race and decent working conditions.
          ✔  Produced with a more sustainable   The Circular Economy - we see the
           process, in a new way of living, thinking   circular economy as an urgent need for any   4. 2030 Challenges and Climate Change
           and consuming.                   business, so our main challenge is to be   For climate change, with a 75% reduction
          ✔  To stir up concern of what to do after   increasingly circular. We have already taken   in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020,
           using the clothes.               our first steps on this path, part of our water,   Malwee Group was the first Brazilian fashion
                                            cotton and polyester are already circular,   company to sign the Business Ambition
          The brand launched the “Good Cycle” (Ciclo   but the challenges for circularity will be   1.5 C. For the next period (2019-2030) we
          do Bem) campaign, which strengthens   enormous for this decade.      are proposing the following goals:
          the principles of the circular economy by
          encouraging the sale of used clothing. In   The SDGs - we seek to act to improve   ✔  Reduce Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas
          2020, 4,000 garments were received, of   our relationship with people and the   emissions by 50%
          which 1,817 were sold, 990 were donated   planet, to heighten our awareness of this   ✔  Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from
          and with a consumer's profit of R$76,951.49   interdependence. We connect our business   the purchase of materials and services
          on sales.                         with the needs of humanity through world   for internal manufacturing by 25% per
                                            leaders and science.                 product manufactured.
          3. ESG 2030 Plan – a new cycle
          In the last 5 years, the world has changed   The Donut Economy – we agree that a   The Malwee Group starts this new cycle of
          and the way of talking about sustainability   thriving economy sustains values such   goals aware that more needs to be done
          has changed as well. The term ESG   as health, education and equity without   and therefore has set ambitious goals,
          emerged, strengthening governance on the   crossing planetary ecological limits.  based on science, aiming to effectively
          sustainability tripod. During this period, we                        contribute to humanity. Our history is made
          had many achievements and now it is time   Governance follows the best practices in   up of relationships that span generations;
          to move forward and define the next goals   topics such as composition of the board   we have the same connection with our
          and targets we want to achieve.   of directors, corporate conduct, senior   customers, partners and the planet.
                                            management compensation, relationship   Everything the Malwee Group does is to
          Driven by the purpose that the world was   with government entities and politicians,   last, for the good of people and the planet.
          made to last and believing in cultivating   existence of a whistleblower channel,
          lasting relationships with the business,   structure of audit and fiscal committees,   To make the world last we need to start
          people and the planet, our ESG Plan   ethics and transparency.       today.
          brings the vision that making the planet
          last depends on the decisions and choices   The social and environmental priorities
          we make and that business and people   were defined with the Malwee Group's
          depend directly on what the planet offers.   stakeholders participation, who defined as
          So, the more circular we are, the more we   environmental priorities: climate change,
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