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            We are a leading provider of
            digital infrastructure solutions,
            committed to a safer, more                                                  
            connected and sustainable world.

                                            another way to achieve this same planet-  deployed for clients in Brazil and other
                                            friendly result but with less investment and   countries in Latin America - consists in
                                            at a larger scale?                 applying a multidisciplinary action plan
                                                                               (MAP) that can result in a reduction of up to
                                            The economic impact                60 percent in energy consumption. In short
                                            Before we delve into our experience   summary, the MAP involves the following
                                            in Brazil, it is important to highlight   combined actions:
                                            the economic rationale that has
                                            further stimulated the search for     Revision and renewal of the site’s power
                                            more environmentally neutral digital   and cooling systems, equipment and
                                            infrastructure. Especially in the last decade,   operating procedures to lower the data
                                            sustainability has taken a seat on the   center PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness),
                                            companies' boards, with ESG (Environment,   driving efficiencies in the total energy
                                            Social and Governance) standards being   consumed by the site relative to the
                                            measured, compared and reported.    energy consumption of the IT equipment;
                                            Accordingly, there is also a significant     Optimization of computing density, with
                                            escalation in concern among CEOs - as well   more servers installed per rack, making
                                            as government officials - about mitigating   the use of physical space and energy
                                            their companies' greenhouse gas emissions.   more efficient and productive;
                                                                                 Leverage server and network virtualization
                                            When it comes to the technology sector, a   to maximize hardware utilization and
                                            KPMG survey conducted last year revealed   throughput, and making use of hybrid/
                                            that 79% of the companies consulted   multicloud environments for peak
                                            believed that the future of their business   processing demand;
                                            was linked to the ability of adapting to this     Comprehensive and real-time monitoring
                                            new way of managing. And 26% of them   of both physical and virtual assets in a
                                            stated that they had already adopted ESG in   single database with a modern DCIM
                                            their management. 8                 (data center infrastructure management)
                                                                                solution, with 24/7 remote and onsite
                                            Making business more sustainable has   technical support, to allow for data-driven
                                            gained prominence not only in the IT   energy efficiency decisions.
                                            industry. In 2020, Larry Fink, CEO of
                                            the world's largest investment fund,   In our experience managing more than
                                            BlackRock, with US$8 trillion in portfolio,   three hundred third-party data centers,
                                            set sustainability as the company's new   most enterprise, hyperscale and edge data
                                            investment standard. This notorious letter   centers we encounter are far less than
                                            from one of the world’s largest money   optimal in terms of energy efficiency than
                                            managers has influenced not only its   their owners are aware of or are willing to
                                            clients, but the financial markets and   admit. Lack of comprehensive monitoring,
                                            business managers in general. Whether as   insufficient technical expertise from IT
                                            a direct reflection or not, the forecast for   managers to deal with energy consumption,
                                            2021 is a record issuance of green bonds   little C-level awareness of the topic, and IT
                                            and sustainable bonds - something around   infrastructure vendors euphemisms around
                                            US$ 650 billion - according to a report by   power usage certainly contribute to a
                                            American credit rating agency Moody's. 9  suboptimal scenario in terms of data center
                                                                               energy efficiency.
                                            Renewable sources,
                                            more profitable business           In addition to sector and company-specific
                                            One of the most assertive and cost-  actions to mitigate ICT power consumption
                                            effective strategies to drive immediate   rise, the change in the energy matrix
                                            energy efficiency in existing data centers -   that feeds the entire chain of information
                                            and that we, at green4T, have successfully   technology and communications, from a
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