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          respects the freedom of association in business advocated   Finally, through its innovative products and services,
          by Global Compact.                                   Rawbank contributes to the sustainable development goals
                                                               (SDGs) signed by the DRC in 2015.
          Concerned about the development of populations, Rawbank
          expresses in many respects its solidarity in the fields of   “Easy Energy”, Rawbank’s first green product, is a consumer
          education, culture or health, through various philanthropic   credit that offers employees the opportunity to purchase
          actions, sponsorship and patronage. Alongside support   solar kits and other renewable energy solutions. It promotes
          for orphans, the elderly, the sick and the street children,   environmentally friendly technologies and activities and
          Rawbank grants scholarships and supports Congolese   contributes to the development of communities where
          athletes and talented artists, famous or not.        electricity is either non-existent or poorly supplied. It
                                                               responds to SDGs 7, 9, 12 and 13.
          Rawbank is also involved in projects to assist local
          communities. The Walungu project as an example,      “lllico Cash”, allows the holder of a mobile phone to manage
          conducted in partnership with UNDP and AIRTEL through   all its accounts and execute many transactions. Paperless
          the microfinance institution COOP EC CAHI, whose main   product also accessible to non-banked, lllico Cash responds
          objective was to involve the private sector in order to   to SDGs 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.
          improve the living conditions of a community through the
          concept “Adopt a community” by the promotion of local   Progress has helped propel financial inclusion into the
          entrepreneurship.                                    country’s most remote corners and reduce our pollution by
                                                               using solar energy. Of course, capital is needed to sustain
          The project resulted in the construction of two market   this momentum and to fund more responsible initiatives.
          hangars and enabled the training of micro-entrepreneurs
          through SMETOOLKIT and BUSINESS EDGE, the dissemination   Let us unite to lift people out of poverty and especially those
          of communication activities, the banking of indigenous   affected by climate-related disasters and promote public
          people and the visibility of businesses. Among the win-  and private innovations. Because strong economic growth
          win outcomes of this healthy and prosperous partnership   is compatible with community development, because we
          were the creation of 200 micro-entrepreneurs, 50% of   can choose innovation by renouncing pollution, because
          them women, the distribution of Airtel telecommunications   we care about the well-being of our contemporaries and
          products, the sale of banking products and services, increase   want to bequeath a worthy legacy to future generations, our
          of the customers and the turnover of COOP EC CAHI. As a   commitment and determination remain.
          result of the creation of economic activities, there is also
          an improvement in the living conditions of poor and rural
          people, peace building, capacity building, access to health
          care and payment of children’s schooling.

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