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                  things through cooperation work in the energy sector.
                  In doing so, locally available and demand-oriented   The Physikalisch-Technische
                  services can be offered with expertise. This support is   Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany’s national
                  provided with the intention of enabling businesses to   metrology institute, has been providing
                  manufacture their products so that they are reliable, of   its services for more than 125 years.
                  high quality, internationally competitive and protective   For over 50 years, PTB has shared
                  of resources. Ministries and regulatory bodies will then
                  be able to make increased use of the instruments of   its core competence in international
                  conformity assessment to determine safety standards   development cooperation. It supports
                  and limits, and to monitor compliance with them. By   developing and emerging economies
                  supporting quality infrastructure in the energy sector,   in the comprehensive field of quality
                  PTB is supporting its partnering countries in keeping the   infrastructure.
                  promise they made in Paris.

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