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                  Fulfilling the

                  promise of Paris –

                  quality infrastructure

                  for the energy sector

                  By PTB Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
                  How rigorous testing and certification can make sure renewable and energy efficiency
                  technologies deliver on climate change goals.

                  Renewable energies and energy efficiency play a key   performance specified, or will even be faulty. To ensure
                  role in achieving mitigation targets and they thereby   the comparability of data, measurement procedures
                  combat climate change. When generating energy, the   must be harmonised and the correct measurement
                  efficiency, the quality and the operating life of systems   instruments must be calibrated. Recognised certificates
                  are of key importance. To test the profitability of such   certify the compliance of products and components with
                  efficient energy systems, an earnings prognosis based   binding standards. Metrological and testing services
                  on reliable measurement data (e.g. radiation intensity,   play a decisive role during enhancements to increase
                  wind speed) is required. Without physically testing   the efficiency and operating lifetimes of systems, and
                  performance, durability and reliability, there is a risk that   also while characterising new materials, models and
                  products which have been installed will fail to deliver the   procedures. Here, development and approval may
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