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       also be necessary for new measurement instruments.   PTB contribution and impact
       Laboratories which carry out tests in accordance with   Many developing countries and countries in transition
       valid standards are required to maintain a recognised   lack internationally recognised quality infrastructure
       quality management system, as well as furnish proof   systems comprising measurement, testing,
       that their measuring instruments undergo regular   standardisation, certification and accreditation. Under
       inspections. An accreditation then certifies that the   such conditions, laws, ordinances, technical regulations
       laboratory possesses the corresponding expertise.   and quality requirements can only be implemented with
                                                        great difficulty.
       The efficient use of energy makes a significant
       contribution to resource conservation and mitigating   For this reason, PTB provides training for experts
       climate change. The lower the energy losses during   and managers in public institutions and in the
       the production, conversion, distribution and utilisation   private economy, thereby providing assistance in
       of energy sources, the higher the energy efficiency   the establishment of a quality infrastructure for
       is. Here, contributions to the quality infrastructure   renewable energies and energy efficiency. National and
       include the specification of standards in the fields of   international experts provide consultation to the various
       construction engineering and building technology   institutions, and their employees are professionally
       (such as for insulation, heating, cooling, ventilation   trained and take part in regional and international
       and lighting), and consumption labelling for electrical   exchanges of experience.
       devices. These contributions also support the
       dissemination and acceptance of renewable energy   As one of Germany’s national implementation
       technologies. Consumers gain trust in the functionality   organisations in the field of development cooperation,
       and operating life of these technologies and are more   PTB conducts projects mainly commissioned by
       willing to switch from climate-damaging energy sources.   the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and
       Hence, governments’ efforts to meet their mitigation   Development (BMZ). The Technical Cooperation
       targets are supported.                           Department of PTB strengthens the existing quality
                                                        infrastructure of partnering countries amongst other
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