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floating pumps

offer extreme

rain solution

extreme weather events are requiring countries to heavily invest in adaptation technologies, one of which is
eTeC’s latest pumping system

Evidence of climate change and global warming like the increase of the sea level, Due to the increase of fooding cases around the world
intensifcation of heavy rains, hurricanes, temperature changes, among others in both, and the need for immediacy to control the fooding in
local and global areas increase the need of environmental solutions that can cope with a short time period and avoid all these consequences;
high water levels. ETEC S.A. a Colombian company, adjusted its patented
engineering foating pump solution to help alleviate the
Companies and governments that strive to use forward-looking foodplain effects of extreme fooding.
management practices to minimize food and erosion damage for all residents,
property and infrastructure are required worldwide. The majority of agricultural crops are negatively affected
by the excess of water caused by rain or insuffcient
Based on these consequences, it appears likely that global warming seems to be drainage. This hyper-hydration is devastating for
reclaiming what man has taken away from the earth. the crops, causing production losses, ground water
contamination, yields reduction and the concentration
Adopting proper irrigation management strategies can reduce the effects of hyper- balance of carbon dioxide and soil oxygen.
hydration but emergency situations like the ones recently faced require an effective
solution when it comes to drain water and avoid the permanence of it in a state of Flooding conditions will not only affect crops and
food affecting the soil, the ground water and the crops. wild plants, but will kill the organisms in the soil that

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