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anD water


for the next

100 years

ensuring access to clean water & clean energy in its various United Nations vendor, EAWC Technologies is convinced
forms are some of the biggest challenges facing humanity. that there could not be sustainability without a solid
They affect health, progress, prosperity, and social stability platform of R&D.
Therefore partnerships with leading universities and
Patented technologies developed and promoted by companies under the umbrella institutes are now in place to ensure the performance,
of Eurosport Active World Corp (EAWC) produce sustainable relief to these threats, effciency and innovation of our solutions.
especially in regions of the world where access to drinking water and energy are
diffcult or even impossible. oUR soLUTIons:
PLAsMA AssIsTeD PRoCesses:
EAWC is a green energy production, water generation and water purifcation company.
Its holdings & partners develop, manufacture, distribute and help to operate water • ConVeRTeR MoDe
generation and provide technical assistance and the know how on real environmental The PCS is simply a gas that the converter ionizes
solutions such as Waste to Energy (W2E) and water scarcity mitigation. so it becomes an effective electrical conductor and
produces a lightning-like arc of electricity that is the
The company also offers related services worldwide like maintenance, education & source of the intense energy transferred to the waste
training and optimization programs. It has been said that new technology and better material as radiant energy. The arc in the plasma
strategy could cut data centre emissions by 88%. In today’s world of sophisticated plume within the vessel can be as high as 30,000°F or
technologies, industry is faced with the ongoing challenge of satisfying demand for 16.650°C.
new products, more choices and greater volume.
The PCS process is not a burning process, and it
As demands increase, manufacturers are responsible for solving the economic should not be confused with an incinerator. The
and environmental challenges that accompany this growth. For example, one “Synthetic Gas” can be used to power an internal
of the realities of manufacturing is the inevitable accumulation of hazardous combustion engine or a turbine to run an electricity
and nonhazardous waste. Even with the use of pollution prevention techniques, generator. The Plasma Converter is computer
vast volumes of waste in every form are produced in the industrial world. EAWC controlled, easy to use and operates at normal
Technologies is the newest state-of-the-art concept to promote, develop, manufacture atmospheric pressure, very safely and quietly.
and commercialize environmental technologies. Signifcant valuable resources are created from the
use of the Plasma Converter.
Using our clean energy technologies, including waste to energy (W2E), you are using
renewable energy in place of fossil fuels. This not only saves energy costs, but also • GAsIFICATIon: “GASIFICATION MODE” is suitable
allows the creation of carbon credits for reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. This is to completely gasify target liquids for the maximum
an additional means in which to tackle climate change. These credits can be sold into conversion of liquid to fuel and is most suitable for
the compliance market or the voluntary carbon markets, depending on the project oily or hazardous wastes that require elimination.
type and location. The waste is converted into Syn-Gas and carbon
precipitates. In this mode the liquid is completely
The sale of these credits creates an additional revenue stream that will support your gasifed.
clean energy project. Most of the technologies we use qualify for creation of carbon
credits, including: waste heat to energy, landfll gas to energy, electricity generation • sTeRILIZATIon: “STERILIZATION MODE” is intended
from solar, geothermal and biomass that replace the use of fossil fuels. An approved solely to sterilize target liquid wastes such as sewage,

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