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ETEC develops
solutions to ensure
the efcient and
proper handling of
large water volumes
required in aqueducts,
agricultural and
aquacultural farms,
food control and
irrigation systems.

Haiti foods. Photo: © UN Photo/Logan Abassi.

contribute to nutrient uptake to growing crops; besides the longer the to make civil constructions during a quick installation
water stands around the plants and crops, the more dehydration and and start up time. It manages fows from 300 lt/seg up to
the worse the damage is likely to be. 8000 lt/seg.
The foating pump in its different sizes (12”, 24”, 36”, 42”, 48” and 60”) ETEC´s designs and applications have been contracted
is the ultimate solution designed to assure the proper massive water by governments in North and South America and
evacuation. It can be installed and placed in operation, without the need agricultural private companies around the world. These
include national irrigation projects in the Middle East and
South East Asia. Here, pumping water fast and effciently
is needed for conservation and the protection of houses.
During the summer of 2010 Colombia suffered the most
severe fooding of recent years.

The north and central part of the country were damaged
by the continuous heavy rain and the increase of the river

Similar circumstances were faced in Nebraska, USA, and
Choné in Ecuador were facing the same situation. The
solution was to effciently and rapidly evacuate the water.

The easy mobilization of equipment due to its self-
contained design, the large volume of water that they
ETEC pumps can handle huge fows of water and are easily assembled in
disaster situations. Photos: © ETEC. evacuate, it buoyancy and adaptability to the situation
make this technology almost unique proposal worldwide.


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