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The world was

          made to last                                                           

          Malwee Group is one of the main   1. 2020 Sustainability Plan - Results  Suppliers
          fashion companies in Brazil. As   After 5 years of intense work we closed our   We evaluate our suppliers in environmental,
          a leader in ESG - Environmental,   2020 Plan with nine goals achieved and   social and economic aspects. Impacted by
          Social and Governance, we have    positive performance in another six. Let´s   the effects of the pandemic, we were below
          built a path of pioneering and    review some of them!               expectations, but still with positive results.
          investments in sustainability                                        We ended 2020 with:
          over the past 50 years. We were   Product                            ✔  58% of suppliers, including 100% of the
          pioneers in the reduction and     Measure Impact - We apply the        critical categories, evaluated.
          treatment of waste, effluents     Organizational Life Cycle Assessment   ✔  61% of critical categories of suppliers
          and emissions. We have been       (LCA-O) from cradle to gate to measure the   audited.
          following a circular economy      impacts of our activities and we can highlight   ✔  73% of sewing service providers and
          since 2008, when we launched      its reduction in all assessment areas, even   Private Label suppliers certified by
          clothes produced with waste       with one million more pieces produced:  ABVTEX, 62% more compared to the
          from plastic bottles, recycled                                         previous year.
          cotton and fiber from banana      Additional results from environmental
          waste. In 2015, we ramped up      performance of the products:       Industrial processes
          our pioneering in the Brazilian   ✔  91% of garments produced with less   Regarding the base year of the 2020 Plan,
          fashion sector launching the 2020   environmental impact, a performance   we made our processes more efficient in:
          Sustainability Plan, a set of goals   13% better than the defined goal.  ✔  Electricity consumption - we achieved
          to be achieved in 5 years.        ✔  24% of Malwee models with a sustainable   7% less consumption per garment, 37% in
                                              concept, 140% more than the target   absolute terms.
                                              established in 2015. Malwee promotes   ✔  Water - we were 5% more efficient in
                                              the concept of slow fashion.       water per garment and reduced water
                                                                                 catchment from rivers by 47%.
                                            The results have been achieved using less   ✔  Waste - waste generation per garment
                                            impacting raw materials and industrial   was reduced by 61% and 80% less was
                                            processes such as recycled polyester and   sent to landfill.
                                            cotton, digital printing, use of renewable   ✔  We also reduced greenhouse gas
                                            energy, water reuse in dyeing, fabrics dyed   emissions from scopes 1 and 2 of the
                                            with 98% less water and the most important   GHG Protocol by 75%, using biomass and
                                            project, the Malwee Lab Jeans, which   wind power.
                                            produces jeans without harmful chemicals
                                            and uses up to 98% less water.     Consumption Use and Post Use
                                                                               We invest in campaigns and actions on our
                                            Using chemicals, we adhere to ZDHC   social networks, stores and e-commerce
                                            standards – Zero discharge of hazardous   encouraging conscious consumption.
                                            chemicals and we have ensured that 56% of   Supported by the quality of our products,
                                            chemicals meet program standards.  we share ways of caring for, repairing,

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