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Paris promised,

          Glasgow must deliver

        The world must honour the promises made in Paris                       Since it was signed, the world
                                                                               has not done enough. Emissions
        six years ago. That ultimately, rests with world                       have continued to rise and the
        leaders; success, or failure, of COP26 is in their                     Intergovernmental Panel on
        hands. And so is the fate of the Paris Agreement.                      Climate Change has issued a
                                                                               code red for the climate, stating
                                                                               that unless we act immediately,
                                                                               the 1.5-degree limit will slip out of
                                                                               reach. Already temperatures have
                                                                               risen at least 1.1 degrees above
                                                                               pre-industrial levels. Extreme
                                                                               weather is on the march around
                                                                               the world: this summer we have
                                                                               seen devastating flooding in
                                                                               central Europe and China, raging
                                                                               wildfires in North America, record
                                                                               temperatures across the globe
                                                                               and what some have called the
                                                                               world’s first climate-induced
                                                                               famine in Madagascar.

                                                                               At 1.1 degrees warming the effects
                                                                               are already alarming and every fraction
                                                                               of a degree makes a difference. At 1.5
                                                                               degrees warming 700 million people
                                                                               would be at risk of extreme heat waves,
                                                                               at 2 degrees it would be 2 billion, at 1.5
                                                                               degrees 70 per cent of the world’s coral
                                                                               reefs die, at 2 degrees they are all gone.
                                                                               Countries on the front-line of climate
                                                                               change fought hard for the 1.5 degree
                                                                               temperature limit to be enshrined in the
                 "  Responsibility rests with                                  alive is not a hollow slogan, it is a matter
                                                                               Paris Agreement. For them, 1.5 to stay
                                                                               of survival. And it is why I have always
                                                                               been clear that, in Glasgow, the world
                   each and every country.
                                                                               must deliver an outcome which keeps
                   And we must all play                                        1.5 degrees in reach. To achieve this, I
                                                                               have been asking countries to deliver
                                                                               on four key goals: emissions reductions,
                   our part. Because on                                        adaptation, finance and working together,
                   climate, the world will                                     including to make the negotiations in
                                                                               Glasgow a success. In all of these areas,
                   succeed, or fail as one.                  "                 working with partners around the world,
                                                                               we have made progress. But on each of
                                                                               them, critically, we have further to go. And
                                                                               leaders must deliver.

                                                                               On emissions reductions, many climate
                                                                               vulnerable countries are leading the
                                                                               way. From Bhutan and Suriname which
                                                                               have already achieved net zero, to
                                                                               the small island developing state of
                                                                               Barbados, which will be fossil fuel free
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