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Rt Hon Alok Sharma, MP
                                                              Cop26 President

       by 2030. I have been urging countries   We must also redress the balance,   I am determined that the voices of young
       to follow this leadership and commit to   between finance for mitigation and   people, of indigenous people, women
       net zero by the middle of the century,   finance for adaptation. We are seeing   and civil society will be heard, as part of a
       and to set out ambitious plans to cut   some progress. Every G7 country has   truly inclusive summit. I ask global leaders
       emissions by 2030, those 2030 Nationally   committed to boost finance for adaptation.   to take inspiration from the passion that
       Determined Contributions. There has been   A new Champions Group on Adaptation   I have witnessed from them around the
       progress, when the UK took on the COP26   Finance is committed to a balance in   world, and the ambition and commitment I
       Presidency, less than 30 per cent of the   public finance, between adaptation and   saw on display at the recent Youth4Climate
       global economy was covered by a net zero   mitigation, we encourage more countries   event in Milan.
       target. That figure is now 75 per cent, and   to join this grouping. We know that without
       climbing. In recent days Turkey and the UAE   finance, tackling climate change is well nigh   Now is the time to redeem ourselves. As
       have both declared net zero targets. The   impossible. So developed countries must   our COP26 President’s Advocate, Sir David
       UAE’s an historic first in the Gulf. And I hope   deliver on the 100 billion dollars a year   Attenborough has said: “The moment of
       that others in the region will follow, ahead   promised to developing nations.  crisis has come… The future of humanity,
       of COP26. More than 70 countries in total                                and indeed all life on earth, depends on us.”
       have come forward over the past two years   There is no denying that the issues   So let’s see world leaders come together
       with updated, and more ambitious, 2030   at any COP are complex. Passions,   for our planet, in that 2015 spirit of hope,
       NDCs, that includes every G7 nation, all of   understandably, run high. But ultimately,   fraternity, and ambition. Paris promised,
       which have NDCs aligned with net zero by   success depends on us all. COP26 is not a   Glasgow must deliver.
       2050, and some of the world’s most climate   photo op, nor a talking shop. It must be the
       vulnerable countries. They want the same   forum where we put the world on track to   Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP
       ambition, the same level of commitment,   deliver on climate. It is leaders who made   Cop26 President
       from the largest nations, the G20 countries   a promise to the world in Paris six years
                                                                                Adapted from a speech given at the
       which account for around 80 per cent of   ago, and it is leaders that must honour it.
                                                                                UNESCO World Heritage Centre Paris,
       global emissions. The response of the   Responsibility rests with each and every
                                                                                October 12 2021
       G20 will quite simply be make, or break, for   country and we must all play our part. On
       keeping 1.5 within reach.           climate, the world will succeed, or fail, as
                                           one; we are almost at the end of the road.

                              "  We have no choice but to deliver.                        "

                                     Each country must step-up.

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