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“ GSI was a game-changer when it launched,                           What is the GSI?
             but we never anticipated the level of impact it                    The Global Salmon Initiative is a
             would have, not only on salmon farming, but                        leadership initiative established by
             on the food sector as a whole.”                                    members of the global farmed salmon
                                                                                industry, who are united by the mission
            Jason Clay, SVP of Market Transformation, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)  to improve the industry’s environmental
                                                                                and social performance. Representing
                                                                                approximately 40% of the global
                                                                                farmed salmon sector, we recognize
                                                                                our ability – and our responsibility – to
                                                                                drive positive change at scale, and are
           Council certified (meaning over 600,000   looking to the future to pre-empt what may   committed to seeking and supporting
           tonnes of responsible farmed salmon for   come, and using our collective knowledge   advancements in aquaculture that drive
           consumers)                       to better structure a responsible industry,   healthy, sustainable food systems.
          •   Launch the first independently audited   which can continue to provide healthy and
           annual industry-wide Sustainability   sustainable food.
           Report in the food sector
          •   Supported the reduced reliance on marine   The recent HLPE reports highlight that
           ingredients in feed, and supported a shift   aquaculture can and will play an important
           to novel sustainable ingredients and use   role in future food systems, but it is up to
           of sustainable fishery by-products  us to ensure the responsible growth of the
          •   Supported the development and   industry to meet this. The private sector
           distribution of global best-practices for   can, and should, take a leading role in
           fish health and welfare          achieving this; by setting ambitious targets,
          •   Promoting leadership in innovation in   committing to greater transparency, and
           farming practices – included high-tech   combining their expertise and experiences
           farming and traceability         to problem-solve and identify innovative
          •   Initiated a project with the World   ways to improve at speed and at scale.
           Wildlife Fund to measure and mitigate   The GSI is a work-in-progress of how this
           greenhouse gas emissions         can be achieved. By working proactively
                                            and collaboratively, our goal is to further
          Through the work we do as the GSI, we   minimize the impact of aquaculture on the
          strive to act as a collective sector in not   environment and support a healthy food
          only addressing current challenges, but in   system for both people and planet.            @GSI_Salmon

                                                   With over 200 salmon farms in Scotland, the hosts
                                                   of this year’s COP26 are no strangers to the salmon
                                                  farming industry. The industry has been described
                                                as one that is thriving - and contributes to many local
                                                communities; however, this has not come without its
                                                       challenges which we are committed to solving.

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