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SPIC Brasil has
           an ample array of
           sustainable energy
           matrix solutions

          multidimensional approach. Since reducing   energy security. The organization is present
          the cost of low-carbon technologies   in 46 countries, has 130,000 employees and
          remains one of the main priorities for   total installed capacity of 176 GW.
          innovation, a set of emergent technological                            Global SPIC
          solutions will significantly mould   In 2020, the company added 25.34 GW   ✔   Global leader in solar, wind,
          decarbonisation efforts. Innovation and   installed to its 99 GW installed capacity of   hydroelectric, hydrogen and
          economies of scale help make renewable   clean energy. SPIC Global’s installed wind   thermoelectric power.
          energy sources economically attractive.   and photovoltaic reached 60 GW – a truly   ✔   98.88 GW of installed clean-
                                                                                    energy generating capacity,
          Special attention needs to be devoted to   global leader in this industry.  representing 56.09% of its
          expansion of emergent technologies, such                                  portfolio.
          as green hydrogen.                Generating energy to power tomorrow   ✔   In 2020, with installed wind
                                            and today                               and photovoltaic generating
          To this end, SPIC has invested in research   In the coming years, SPIC Brasil will   capacity of 60.49 GW, the
          and development projects for production   continue investing in innovation, new   company assumed first place
          of green hydrogen, a renewable energy   technologies and fostering initiatives that   in the world ranking.
          source with zero carbon emissions. For this   enable energy transition in Brazil. Based   ✔   By 2025, the company
          cleanest of energy sources, the Company   upon this commitment, the company has   intends to expand its clean-
          has launched its first pilot project and   partnered with the United Nations to foster   energy portfolio by 60%, and
          aims to proceed on a larger scale within   new, efficient and urgent responses to   become a major player in
                                                                                    the international-renewable
          the next two years. The project, which   climate change and global warming while   energy sector.
          foresees manufacture of ammonia for   also providing competitive and sustainable
          fertilizers, could result in a major window   energy in Brazil.
          of opportunity, while fulfilling one of the
          country’s pressing needs.         By 2025, SPIC Global aims to become
                                            a renewable energy company that has
          Beyond Brazil                     increased its clean energy portfolio by 60%.
          SPIC Brasil is a component of the global   Thinking further ahead, to 2035, it aims to
          leader in solar, wind, hydroelectric   be regarded as a worldwide competitive
          and hydrogen that seeks to contribute   player in renewable energy with a
          decisively to addressing challenges through   participation of sustainable energy in its
          its portfolio of complementary synergistic   portfolio of 75%.
          power-generation technologies for ensuring

                                   Adriana Waltric is CEO of SPIC Brasil, operating the
                                   São Simão Hydroelectric Plant, two wind farms in the
                                   State of Paraíba and holds 33% of GNA, the largest
                                   natural-gas complex in Latin America. She is also a
                                   Certified Board Member of IBGC (Brazilian Governance
                                   Institute) and a Board Member of GNA I and GNA II
                                   thermoelectric plants, and CBO Group provider of
                                   offshore logistics.

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