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Energy transition

          and renewables:

          the future of the                                                        

          energy matrix                                                         Adriana Waltrick, CEO, SPIC Brasil

          In face of the major climate-     To achieve carbon-emission reduction   fostered energy transition through an array
          change challenges of recent       targets by 2050 it will be necessary to invest   of wind, solar and hybrid projects (more
          years, as a company in the energy   in technology and innovation, and to pursue   than 500 MW) developed by SPIC teams.
          sector, SPIC deems its activities   energy transition and decarbonisation
          to be of vital importance for     while, at the same time, ensuring ample   The SPIC portfolio in Brazil encompasses
          enabling countries to achieve     availability and access to energy.   São Simão Hydroelectric Plant; Vale dos
          sustainability goals to which                                        Ventos Wind Complex and Millennium
          they have pledged. Foremost       To meet the challenges of this scenario,   Wind Farm, amounting to a total of
          among these are consolidation     renewable energy and innovation assume   1,768 GW of installed capacity; and also
          of the transition toward clean    vital roles in decarbonisation efforts. We   participation in the Gás Natural Açu (GNA)
          energy sources and enhanced       envision that by 2050 the majority of energy   Complex, powered by LPG from the pre-
          harnessing of available natural   solutions will entail direct supply, energy   salt; a natural-gas fired power-generation
          resources to achieve operational   efficiency and/or green hydrogen.   project, through a joint venture with BP,
          efficiency goals better aligned                                      Siemens and Prumo Logística.
          with sustainability requirements.  In pursuit of sustainable energy
                                            SPIC’s activities in Brazil have consistently   In 2020, SPIC announced its Strategic
                                            advanced to meet these goals, given   Growth Plan for the next five years. This
                                            that Brazil has an ample array of natural   Plan reinforces its long-term commitment
                                            resources. With the aim of providing and   to growth in Brazil, with a focus on
                                            stimulating integration of energy from   hydroelectric, renewable (solar and wind),
                                            innovative, sustainable and competitive   hybrid projects (solar-wind-storage) and
                                            power sources, SPIC Brasil has made   green hydrogen.
                                            a variety of investments in the country,
                                            including: modernisation of the São Simão   In addition, a Memorandum of
                                            Hydroelectric Plant; development of   Understanding (MOU) was signed affirming
                                            national green hydrogen; and integration of   an important partnership between SPIC
                                            wind and solar projects. The company has   Brasil, Eletrobrás’ Centre for Electric Power
                                                                               Research (CEPEL), and the State Power
                                                                               Institute (ISEST) to promote studies, research
           SPIC Brasil invests                                                 and innovation for the development of
           in innovative                                                       “Smart Energy” projects in Brazil. Smart
                                                                               Energy is a technology that integrates
           technological                                                       generation and cogeneration, super
           solutions to lower                                                  battery storage, air conditioning, system
           carbon emissions                                                    management, water, lighting, electric
                                                                               mobility, hydrogen, and energy efficiency.

                                                                               In 2021, we’ve launched a platform of open
                                                                               innovation to invest and promote energy
                                                                               entrepreneurs with new solutions for the
                                                                               energy transition challenge. The programme
                                                                               aims to bring innovation opportunities in the
                                                                               company’s operations and more practical
                                                                               and applicable results to business, with
                                                                               dynamic and diversified partnerships.

                                                                               Renewal of power sources
                                                                               Innovation will assist in fostering the
                                                                               processes of energy transition and
                                                                               decarbonisation of the energy sector
                                                                               and will require an integrated and
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