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                         TO PROTECT THE PLANET

                                 Eco-i  ovation

                                 Innovation is part of our DNA. Today, the challenge is to show our clients that
                                 we are environmentally responsible. So far, our researchers have replaced 3%
                                 of petroleum-based PET with plant-based PET using sugar cane residue. To
                                 this end, Oulmes Mineral Water is the fi rst company in Morocco to develop and
                                 implement plant-based PET in its manufacturing process.


                                           By respecting water tables and their  regeneration time we  are
                                           ensuring continued supply of our water for future generations. We use
                                           innovative solutions in our water treatment process, working towards
                                           a better future.


                                 We know that oil resources are not infi nite and we have to fi nd alternative
                                 solutions. By reducing the weight of our bottles, changing our labels and lids, we
                                 are working towards becoming less dependent on fossil fuel.


                                           By investing in new generation, energy e  cient meters, we are saving
                                           intelligently and controlling costs on all of our production lines.

                                Eco-Di	 ribution

                                Our experts have optimized and streamlined delivery routes, allowing us to reduce
                                our fuel consumption and consequently our CO2 emissions. In addition, we have
                                reorganized sales channels to increase productivity and maximize our e  ciency.

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