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       process has been astonishing, and now traditional   critical sustainability issues. In Brazil, the collapse of
       industries are trying to react and critically plan their   a mining dam in Mariana, Minas Gerais, motivated
       digital futures.                              many groups of students from local universities
                                                     and schools to take part on projects related to the
       For instance, oil companies are now working   recovery of the Doce river valley.
       closer together with traditional suppliers in order
       to rethink their control systems and establish the   Radix was one of many Brazilian companies that
       foundations for the so-called ‘next generation   decided to support several of these projects and
       control system’.                              facilitate the development of a nongovernmental
                                                     network using digital technology in favour of
       As a component of this digital revolution, companies   sustainability projects.
       are also facing a dramatic change in their human
       resources-related needs. Professionals that can
       combine the knowledge of traditional engineering
       design, software development and processes with   Radix:
       the understanding of new concepts in data analytics
       are becoming extremely valuable.               Radix offers technology services and
                                                      solutions, highly qualified and with
       A very promising approach for technology       technology independence, to meet
       companies is to invest together with universities on
       the development of a new engineering profile. In this   the demands of the primary process
       context, some ideas and initiatives are already being   industries in Brazil and the world.
       implemented across the world. Many universities   Radix considers itself a multiplier of
       in the US and Brazil have been providing resources   a transformation process in Brazil. A
       for students to take part in various initiatives that   process of building a country with more
       are attracting the attention of different technology   technology, results, universities and
       companies. Competition teams working with
       robotics, solar boats, electrical cars, and aeronautical   strong companies.
       design are now sponsored by companies that
       want to attract young talent for future internship
       programs and professional careers.

       As part of this big picture, engineering students
       are willing to provide a concrete contribution on

       Specialists from Brazilian universities, sponsored by Radix, collecting and analyzing water from the Rio Doce valley after the
       dams break in Mariana
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