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       Less paper, more justice

       How an overhaul of court information

       systems in Brazil is saving trees

       By Tiago Melo, Softplan’s executive and CSR expert and
       Rodrigo Santos, Softplan’s chief business officer

        Softplan is a software development company based in Florianopolis, south of Brazil. It operates
        in different segments, the most representative being the Justice Unity. One third of all the judicial
        cases in Brazil are handled in Softplan’s system, called SAJ (Automation System of Justice). Its main
        slogan is less bureaucracy and paper, more agility and justice.

       Synergy in visions of private and public companies as drivers of the judicial transformation in Brazil.

       SAJ’s main user is the State Court of São Paulo. The biggest   The main key performance indicator in terms of productivity,
       Latin American Court is composed of more than fifty   the Demand Response Index has grown 68%, from 0.79
       thousand employees, distributed in around two thousand   in 2010 to 1.33 in 2016. This means that in 2016 the Court
       local courts in three hundred and twenty-two cities. Its   has terminated a ratio of 1,33 processes to each 1 that was
       annual expenditure topped 2.8 billion euros in 2016.   initiated in the same year.

       Until 2011, São Paulo’s state court internal operations   The sculpture “The Justice”, by Alfredo
       could be defined as chaotic by any standards. The judicial   Ceschiatti, located in front of Brazil’s
       cases were still handled and managed following the same   Supreme Court illustrates the now
       procedures and rites of the 1980s. Inefficiency in all levels   bright future of São Paulo’s State
                              of the judiciary procedural   Court. It stands brave and confident,
                              chain constantly raised issues   blind folded – to represent impartiality
                              of reliability, fairness and   and holding a sword – portraying
                              questioned the reason of the   a quiet, and courageous woman,
                              Court to exist, which is to serve   embodying order and the will and
                              society.                      power to impose the rule of law.

                              The sculpture “Survival of the   Information technology as
                              Fattest”, by Jens Galschiot and   an instrument of societal
                              Lars Calmar, is a good example   improvements through a more
                              of how justice was perceived   productive and reliable judiciary
                              by society. An over fed and an   system
                              unmovable figure.             The SAJ system is a key component
                                                            of this revolution. The digital judicial
                              It was in 2011 that the Court   case, which is the core concept of
                              took the strategic decision to   SAJ, either automated, simplified or extinguished numerous
                              invest in information technology   and unnecessary labour intensive tasks. The Court’s current
                              and most of all, to reorganize   vision “To be nationally recognized as a modern court,
                              its processes, structures and   rapid and technically differentiated, turning it in an effective
                              human resource management.    instrument of Justice, Equity and Social Peace” that would be
                              The revolution that started   considered as wishful thinking in the not so distant year of
                              in 2012 and is still in course,   2012 is now on its course.
                              catapulted São Paulo’s Court
                              from the 22nd place in a      The acquisition and implementation of a state of the
                              productivity ranking amongst   art management system was motivated by the Court’s
                              the 27 states of Brazil to a Top 5   noble objective of providing better working conditions
                              spot in 2016.                 to its employees, and through their improved wellbeing,
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