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       Digital revolution

       meets sustainability

       How technology can sustainably

       drive projects and operations

       By Luiz Eduardo Ganem Rubião, executive director, Radix Engineering and Software

       Companies are also facing a dramatic change in their human resources needs, along
       with big environmental accidents in different industries. At the same time, new
       technologies are emerging, transforming the way of doing business.

       Radix began its operations in 2010. The expectation   offloading vessels for Petrobras. However, with all
       of its founders was to target the big greenfield   the problems related to the global decrease of the
       and brownfield capex projects that were being   oil barrel price and the corruption investigations
       planned and executed by Petrobras. With a solid   in Brazil, Radix had to reinvent itself. The company
       engineering team, Radix was the ideal partner   decided to diversify its activities, portfolio, markets
       for Petrobras and the big Brazilian engineering   and customers. At the same time, Radix was faced
       and construction companies in complex oil & gas   with the challenges of emerging digital technologies
       projects. The beginning of the story was perfect.   and the impacts of big environmental accidents
       Radix became one of the engineering partners for   in different industries (the Gulf of Mexico oil spill,
       the design of eight floating production storage and   the Fukushima nuclear accident, the collapse of
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