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                             a mining dam in Rio Doce). That was how the digital            Demands
                             revolution met sustainability.

                             The oil & gas industry has always been very active and              coming
                             innovative in terms of the use of digital technologies to
                             solve operational and design problems. Since the 1970s,
                             most oil companies have been working with plant floor                     from
                             digital automation, chemical process simulation, plant
                             and laboratory information management systems,
                             computational fluid dynamics and 3D models for                       diverse
                             process plants and oil fields, among many other digital
                             technologies developed over the last four decades.
                             Society has seen a giant digital revolution in recent years
                             and the clear digital leadership of the most powerful
                             industry in the world started to decline. Demands coming           boosted
                             from diverse industries boosted innovative concepts and
                             ways of effectively using data, as well as new sources       innovative
                             of data to be integrated. The users then became data
                             sources through cooperation-based applications. All the
                             various data coming from these users through diverse             concepts
                             channels had to be analyzed and interpreted, leading to
                             huge data analytics activities. The speed of this changing

                                       Robotics teams from various universities, sponsored by Radix, participating in an international competition

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