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                                                                                16  CODEX
                                                                                     Implementation of
                                                                                     climate policies:
                                                                                     how can geotechnology
                                                                                     and data assist?

                                                                                18  VALE
                                                                                     Improving lives and
                                                                                     transforming the future

                                                                                20  LES EAUX MINÉRALES
                                                                                     Unveiling a comprehensive
                                                                                     low carbon and energy
                                                                                     transition roadmap

                                                                      04        22  APPA
                                                                                     A port in the Atlantic Rainforest

       04  AMEA POWER                      12  MOSS FOREST                      24  ITAÚ BANK
            Climate Change and                  Get to know the                      Banking on the climate
            Biodiversity in Africa:             technology revolutionizing           transition: our journey towards
            protecting nature’s wealth          the carbon market                    net zero
            for a sustainable future
                                           14  FÊNIX DTVM                       26  MEXICO JUSTICE
       06  LACES GROUP                            Responsible mining                 Guardians of Mexico's natural
            Pioneering sustainability           as a strategy for mitigating         treasures: three inspiring stories
            in the beauty industry              climate change                       of environmental restoration

       08  SIMPLE ORGANIC                                                                                   16
            Conscious Beauty:
            sustainability, innovation
            and diversity

       10  ROLIM
            Public policies to boost the
            energy transition: academic
            smart solutions to public and
            private organizations;

       11  Certification and the race
           to lead the global hydrogen
           market: where Brazil stands?

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