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LACES Group: pioneering

       sustainability in the beauty industry

       Shifting the spotlight on sustainable energy and water conservation.

       Since its establishment in 1987, LACES Group, under the visionary   ENERGY MATRIX AND WATER CONSERVATION
       leadership of its founder, Cris Dios, has been unwavering in its   In the hair salons of LACES Group, power efficiency takes centre
       commitment to aligning business needs with environmental   stage, with a clean energy matrix powered by solar energy and tube
       responsibility. Over its 35-year history, the group has championed   lighting, reducing the reliance on traditional bulbs during daylight
       a range of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices,   hours. However, the real gem lies in the water management system.
       including support for the indigenous communities of Xingu in   A state-of-the-art water treatment station, utilizing physiochemical
       the Amazon. Today, it stands at the forefront of the clean beauty   processes and reverse osmosis, not only purifies water for hair washing
       movement in the Brazilian market, with innovative initiatives like Carbon   but also enables rainwater harvesting and its reuse for various purposes
       Limited, a subsidiary specializing in the voluntary carbon market.  within the premises. To further enhance water efficiency, the Group
                                                              employs photo-thermal plates and a smart boiler, capable of holding
       What truly sets LACES Group apart is its exceptional focus on   up to 1,000 litres of water. This commitment to sustainable energy and
       sustainable energy practices and water conservation. These two pillars   water practices earned LACES the title of the most sustainable salon in
       are at the heart of the Group’s environmental efforts and play a pivotal   Brazil in 2022.
       role in its quest for economic sustainability.
                                                              CARBON COMPENSATION
                                                              Since 2014, LACES Group has been actively neutralizing and
                                                              compensating for greenhouse gas emissions in all its activities,
                                                              including waste generation, electricity consumption and transportation.
                                                              In 2021, the group acquired Carbon Limited, a consultancy specializing
                                                              in the voluntary carbon market, solidifying its commitment to reducing
                                                              its carbon footprint. As part of this initiative, LACES now extends
                                                              its carbon-neutral claims to suppliers and staff, setting an industry
                                                              example by highlighting that traditional salons emit approximately
                                                              250kg of CO2 per chair.

                                                              PACKAGING AND PRODUCTS
                                                              LACES Group’s dedication to sustainability extends to its packaging
                                                              and product production processes. Since 2008, its factory has been
                                                              certified as “organic.” The group employs reverse logistics to manage
                                                              product and packaging flow efficiently, utilizing recycled materials
                                                              and Go Green resin for packaging. This approach guarantees
                                                              biodegradability within just five years, in stark contrast to the traditional
                                                              plastics’ 200-year lifespan.

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