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                                                                                  White stork. Photo © Carlos Delgado; CC-BY-SA

       follows this blueprint to select locations that   The valuable insights gained from these   biodiversity conservation and climate change
       have low biodiversity value, avoid critical   studies enabled AMEA Power to develop a   mitigation. Businesses have a responsibility
       habitats or sensitive areas, and incorporate   purpose-built Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)   to adopt sustainable practices, reduce their
       biodiversity-friendly features into the design   and conduct an offset feasibility study. These   ecological footprint and invest in nature-
       of our projects. Whenever this primary   initiatives aim to protect the region’s wildlife,   based solutions. Communities can actively
       approach is not feasible, AMEA Power adopts   including both native and exotic bird species   participate in conservation initiatives, raising
       the best practices in the design and operation   that utilize the area as a migrating corridor. The   awareness and implementing sustainable
       of our projects to minimise the impact on   primary focus of these endeavours revolves   practices in their daily lives. It is through
       local ecosystems. These measures encompass   around minimizing ecological impacts,   collaboration and partnerships that we can
       reducing noise pollution, minimising land   restoring degraded habitats and seamlessly   achieve greater impact, pooling resources and
       use, using non-toxic materials, implementing   integrating biodiversity considerations   expertise to tackle these global challenges.
       effective waste management practices and   into project operations. Through active
       protecting and restoring natural habitats   engagement with local stakeholders and   Conclusion
       crucial for the survival of various species.  strategic partnerships with conservation   The intertwining of climate change and
                                           organizations, AMEA Power actively fosters   biodiversity loss calls for urgent and concerted
       For instance, in the development of their   collaboration and knowledge-sharing,   action. Africa’s biodiversity is an invaluable
       500MW Amunet Wind project in Egypt,   ultimately ensuring the long-term preservation   treasure, offering ecological resilience,
       AMEA Power undertook comprehensive   of biodiversity within their project areas.  economic benefits and cultural identity.
       biodiversity studies. These studies included                             By understanding the impacts of climate
       a Critical Habitat Assessment (CHA), a   Inspiring Action and Collaboration  change on biodiversity and acknowledging
       Cumulative Effect Assessment (CEA) and   Addressing the intertwined challenges of   the economic value of ecosystem services,
       extensive consultations with key project   climate change and biodiversity loss requires   we can drive transformative change.
       stakeholders, such as the Natural Conservation   a collective effort from governments,   AMEA Power’s dedication to biodiversity
       of Egypt (NCE) and representatives from   businesses, communities and individuals.   conservation stands as a shining example,
       Birdlife International for Egypt.   Governments play a pivotal role in creating   demonstrating how businesses can become
                                           and enforcing policies that support   champions of sustainability.

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